Zendaya, John David Washington trailer for ‘Malcolm and Marie’ released

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Transcript for Zendaya, John David Washington trailer for ‘Malcolm and Marie’ released

Time for “Pop news.” Straight over the bridge to new Jersey, it’s janai Norman. Good morning. We take the tunnel actually. All right, it’s time for “Pop news.” We’re starting off with an upcoming movie already generating some serious Oscar buzz. John David washingtonnd zendaya star in the steamy Malcolm and Marie. The movie follows a movie director and his girlfriend who examine their relationship following the premiere of his latest movie. You know that I’m thankful, I make mistakes. Why turn it into something more. Because of how you see this relationship. I happened to watch this on Twitter the other day and I was mystified and I’m really excited to watch this. Zendaya and Washington serve as producers. So if the movie is nominated for best picture, along with “Ma rainney,” it would be the first father/son pairing to be nominated alongside each other in the category’s history pitting Washington against, have you heard of his dad, Denzel, zendaya second black woman nominated in the category following Oprah Winfrey for 2014’s “Selma.” She could also get a best actress nod. Looking forward to that. And in “Pop news” this morning, the American kennel club has recognized a new breed the biewer terrier. The breed originally from Germany, is joining the pack in the toy group, making it the 195th breed. The akc describes them as happy go lucky with a childlike whimsical attitude. But you’ll need a brush, as their long coat requires a daily brushing. Maybe worth it to some for all that fluff. It looks like rob Marciano. I think they’ve been classified as friendlier cats. I can’t sign on to either of those. Gabrielle union sharing the video that made her smile. The actress’s daughter with hubby Dwyane wade, relishing every bit of pasta, refusing to share. Check this out. Some pasta, can we just share that last — there’s like three pieces left. You can have — you can have one and mom can have one. No. No. The actress captioning the clip. I needed this laugh today. No pasta for mom. And Ciara showing her support for husband Russell Wilson with their adorable matching outfits. All to cheer on Wilson in yesterday’s Seattle Seahawks game. She captioned the pics, wish we could be at the stadium to cheer you on. The Seahawks of course may have lost but the wilsons certainly won in the fashion department. We love cute kids. Wilson runs the dogleg left

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