YouTube: You'll Never Guess Why This Video Hit 10 Billion Views

For years already, YouTube has been part of the daily life of any good Internet user who respects himself. A platform created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, and which was bought in October 2006 by a certain Google, for the modest sum of 1.20 billion dollars. An essential video platform, which allows you to view tons of diverse and varied content today, with television archives, creations of Youtubers, sports, music… not to mention content for children.

Youtube: why Baby Shark is panicking the counters

Indeed, it has been a few years now that some have fully realized the potential of YouTube for our dear children, those -there even who are able to see and review the same video in the same day, to the chagrin of parents. Billboard announces today that YouTube now has its first video showing ten billion views, and this is obviously content for young people .

It is indeed the song Baby Shark by Pinkfong which has just passed the milestone of 10 billion views. Remember that this video uploaded in 2005 on YouTube was hoisted in November 2020 on the roof of the platform, ahead of a certain Luis Fonsi and his song Despacito. At that time, Baby Shark had “only” 7.7 billion views. With the help of containment measures, the song probably went on a loop for some, until it exploded the counters.

Over the years, the song Baby Shark has managed to remain very popular, there where other content (like Despacito) has been overlooked. After a tour in 2019, the song was then at the heart of a viral challenge, without forgetting various covers or an integration within Just Dance 2021 and a show on Nickelodeon TV in 2021. There are even Baby Shark NFTs and a feature film in preparation…

For the little anecdote, this same Baby Shark song was in August 2019 one of the ten most hated videos on the YouTube platform. She then accumulated more than 3.1 million dislikes against 9.1 million blue thumbs, for just over 3.2 billion views at the time. ‘era. Go, with us, “Baby Shark doo doo doo doo…“

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