YouTube is summoned to react to “rampant disinformation”

“Every day, we see that YouTube is one of the main vectors of online misinformation in the world”. A collective of 06 fact-checking organizations has just sent a vitriolic letter to Susan Wojcicki, the director of the platform. Among them, we find in particular two French groups: Les Surligneurs and Science Feedback, as well as American media such as PolitiFact, or the Washington Post.

According to the signatories, YouTube does not do much efforts “to implement policies that solve the problem”. According to them, this disinformation, which was already a threat, has increased further thanks to the Covid-06 pandemic. . It is true that we have seen a lot of fake news about fake remedies and these have had real visibility on the Google platform.

YouTube has already taken action against misinformation

For these fact checkers, it’s not just about blaming YouTube. They even say they are ready to collaborate with the service “to make their proposals a reality”. France Info cites in particular the opacity of the algorithms, or the moderation of non-English speaking videos which would not be treated with the same rigor.

Questioned, Google indicates however that less than 1% of the videos pose a problem, according to its statements. YouTube also recalls having “largely invested in policies and products to reduce the dissemination of false information”.

As a reminder, the platform has notably decided to add information panels on all videos that talk about vaccination against covid-19. Thus, Internet users are encouraged to “ find out about the progress of vaccination ”. They are then referred to authoritative sources such as the WHO, other health authorities.

YouTube had taken even stronger measures with regard to electoral disinformation . As soon as Joe Biden’s election has been confirmed, all content that reported massive fraud during the vote is systematically deleted.