Having headphones is the best way to enjoy the multimedia content of our mobile, either in the form of video or music. However, there are many problems that can arise along the way, since we currently have several methods to connect our headphones to the mobile , so connectivity problems multiply, depending on the system used.

There are those who claim that the 3.5mm jack is doomed to extinction in the smartphones of the near future. The majority of high-end terminals have eliminated it in terms of aesthetics and wireless connections. Sound purists still prefer a wired connection, and therefore buy a Premium mid-range before a high-end without a 3.5 jack. The advantages of a wired connection are usually in a greater sound stability that does not depend on the battery to function.

Three connection methods – more trouble

However, today’s smartphones coexist with three different methods to connect headphones: wired connection via 3.5mm jack, connection via Bluetooth headphones or connection via USB-C headphones. The same problem can arise in all methods, which is common to all mobile phones and the most frequent when we talk about problems with headphones: the mobile does not detect the headphones.

oneplus headphones

If you connect via the 3.5mm jack

The lifelong wired method shouldn’t offer too many problems, but even once we make sure they are properly connected, the audio does not sound and the mobile is unable to detect them.

Restart the mobile

This should be our first test to see if the problem is fixed. Restarting the mobile allows freeing the system cache thus eliminating compatibility problems. We just have to press the power button and click on restart. Then we will reconnect the headphones and test to see if the problem has disappeared.

Remove Bluetooth

It is one of the most common causes of non-detection of headphones. If we have the Bluetooth connected to an audio source, such as the car hands-free, it is possible that when connecting the headphones the sound will not be produced. This usually happens even if we have already moved away from the Bluetooth connection. It is possible that when the Bluetooth is removed the audio will start to sound.

bluetooth mobile

Dirt in the port

The headphone jack is a fertile ground for the accumulation of dust and dirt. This can interfere with the correct contact of the headphones, and therefore, in their non-detection by our mobile. In this case we must proceed to cleaning it, using a fine element such as a pin. With extreme care, we must drag out the fluff and other external elements of dirt that may be found inside the 3.5mm jack. It’s amazing how much I could get out of a headphone jack.

dust on the microusb port

Check the volume

This seems like a no-brainer should be one of our first tests. It is possible that the mobile audio, as regards the multimedia audio of the headphones, is disabled. To find out, we must start an audio source and turn up the volume when it is playing. If it rings, we will already know the origin of the problem.

Change headphones

It’s easy to have other wired headphones on hand to connect to the 3.5mm jack. The goal is to confirm or rule out that it is a problem with our current headphones. If when testing, the mobile recognizes them and the audio takes place without problem, we will know where the fault was.

Beats headphones

Other tips that work

  • Reinsert the headphones to ensure they are inserted correctly
  • Rotate the headphone jack slightly so that it makes good contact

If you connect using USB-C headphones

It is something very common today, especially when the ability to connect through the 3.5mm jack has been lost. In this case, we extend all the previous tests, which are equally valid for the connection of headphones using this standard. However, we have to add some specific ones of the connection via USB-C:

USB-C digital audio compatible mobile

If when connecting the USB-C headphones nothing happens, we will have to check that the device uses USB-C digital audio. To do so, we will only have to consult the technical specifications of our mobile or consult the manufacturer directly. When it comes to audio streaming, there is a lack of universal integration of Class 3 audio devices (USB ADC 3.0) which impairs the functionality of USB-C headphones.

Activate the option from the mobile

Unlike the 3.5mm jack whose detection is automatic, there are mobiles to which we will have to “notify” that we have connected headphones via USB-C . To do this, the audio option must be activated through the USB-C port. The best method is to type USB in the search drawer of the settings menu, as the path may vary slightly from model to model.

Disable USB routing

The “Disable USB audio routing” option is used to disable or mute external headphones connected via USB-C. In case of having the box checked for whatever reason, it will undoubtedly be the cause of the problem. In addition, it is an option that is not visible, so it is normal for many users to go crazy before finding this option. To check it, we will have to go to Settings / System and press several times on «Build number». Now the options for developers will be activated and we will go down until we see the box. If it is activated we will have to turn it off and try again. If we already have the developer options activated, we can skip the previous step, or search directly for “routing” in the search box of the Settings menu.

usb routing

If you connect via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection can also cause problems and make our mobile not detect the headphones or that they do not sound . In this case and as it is a wireless connection, we must try other methods to detect the problem. Some of the methods seen above can also work like:

  • Restart the mobile
  • Turn Bluetooth on or off
  • Check the volume
  • Try other headphones

Clear network settings

Clearing the network settings works many times. This causes any configuration to be restored and the settings are undone, which by mistake, could have caused the mobile to not recognize the headphones. This setting is found within Settings / System / Reboot and reset, but it can also be found within Settings / Connections. We will not lose any data, but we will have to re-pair the Bluetooth device again.

reset lg network settings

Clear bluetooth cache

Another method that works is clearing the cache of the system’s Bluetooth application . To do this we enter Settings / Applications and once inside we click on «Show all» and search for Bluetooth. Once inside, click on clearing the data and the cache. The next step is to restart the mobile and try again.

Check the maximum number of connected devices

If this option is set to “1” and we already have another Bluetooth device connected, it will be the cause that we cannot connect the Bluetooth headphones. To clear up any doubts, go to Settings / Connections / Bluetooth and tap on “Number of connected devices.” If the value is one, we will try with a higher number like 3 or 5, to see if this way the problem disappears and we can connect the headphones correctly.

Change codec

Sometimes there may be compatibility problems between our Bluetooth headphones and the configuration selected on our mobile. Within the options for developers we will find the option “Bluetooth audio codec”. It is about trying different options to the one selected by default to see if we find the right one and we can listen to the audio without problems.

change codec

Update mobile

If we have pending updates, we may also have improvements without installing, referring to our mobile connectivity . Each update in this regard can improve Bluetooth compatibility and fix known connection errors. To check this, we go to Settings / System / System Updates and proceed to download any pending patches.