Xiaomi errors and solutions (2021)


Xiaomi users continue to receive various errors due to MSA. To avoid stopping the error, two different operations are required. The problem usually disappears when the error is resolved. So, how to fix Xiaomi MSA stopped error?


Xiaomi MSA is constantly stopping error for the current solution we prepared earlier can be found here. With the solution method we described, you will get rid of the problem instantly. In addition, if you have different errors that you encounter, you can also report them to us as comments. If you have different problems with MSA, tell us about them. We can tell you here by finding a solution according to the problem you are experiencing.


Xiaomi App ClosesXiaomi

Xiaomi application closures problems are usually caused after incoming updates. First, try restarting your device. Then find the “Android System WebView” app in the App Store and say update. Then check again if the apps are turned off when you log in.


For the solution of the Xiaomi MSA stopped error, it is necessary to update the Google Play Store in the first place by finding the “Android System WebView” app. Instead of making the necessary update, the first stage will be completed. Then in the second stage, you need to change the status of the MSA from Settings > Passwords and security > authorization and rollback.

If the problem persists, the call center located at Xiaomi’s official internet address can be searched or technical support can be provided from the relevant vendor.

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