Xbox wants to partner with Nintendo and PlayStation to permanently ban toxic gamers

The issue of online toxicity is an increasingly problematic topic. Whether on social networks (Twitter on the front line), or even on many games, more and more players are facing excessive hatred of others with racist, sexist or even homophobic remarks, which can go as far as threats of death or rape.

Faced with this sad observation, Microsoft, through Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, wishes to join forces with PlayStation and Nintendo to punish and permanently ban the toxic players.

Phil Spencer wants to hit hard

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Guest of the latest New York Times podcast, Phil Spencer once again spoke out about toxic online behavior especially in online games. The boss of Xbox is therefore appealing to invite its main competitors, namely Sony with PlayStation and Nintendo with the Switch to join him in raising the level of sanctions a notch.

For Phil Spencer, a toxic person on a platform must be sanctioned on all platforms to avoid spreading this toxicity on other consoles.

It would be difficult on an industry-wide scale, but there is one thing I would like to do. When someone is banned on one of our networks, is there a way for us to ban them on others? We are a platform for entertainment and interactions, and therefore we are not here to allow certain discourses to proliferate.

To date, it seems difficult to implement this action. But with the rise of cross-platform, there will undoubtedly be an opportunity to punish bad players more firmly to try to stop this scourge.

Fr 2000 already, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo had sent a strong message by meeting on the Game Awards stage. We hope that in the years to come the Internet will become a more benevolent place.

This is also one of the objectives of the #NSTG Association — We Are All Gamers with the #WePlayAsOne movement. Do not hesitate to discover all this on their official site and on the official page #WePlayeAsOne.