Xbox Games With Gold: January 2022 games on the run

Do we still have to present billbil-kun, an extraordinary leaker made in France? The insider of all the good deals on Dealabs has once again struck by revealing in advance the “offered” games of the Xbox Live Gold subscription and Xbox Game pass Ultimate for next January. After having learned yesterday the “free” titles of the PlayStation Plus , it is the turn of the offer on Xbox consoles to flee before the time. For the start of the year 2022, we would obviously expect 2 Xbox One games and two Xbox games 360, or one more title than the usual offer

© dimarik 15 / 123 RF.COM In advance, here is the selection for the month of December 2021:

Aground : 15 January to 15 February 2022 NeuroVoider : Available from 1 to 16 January 2022 Radiant Silvergun : Available from 1 to 10 January 2022 Space Invaders Infinity Gene : Available from 15 to 31 January 2022

A bit of RPG…

Aground does not do so much in originality but is based on a formula that has already proven itself: exploration, pixel, mining, and RPG. SnöBox Studio’s game also relies on the presence of NPCs and magic to develop its scenario.

In a completely different genre, NeuroVoider ignores exploration but keeps a layer of RPG… In a very different coating. Flying Oak Games reimagines the twin-stick shooter by adding elements from role-playing games, all in a very marked SF atmosphere in fluorescent colors.

… but a lot of shooter Real staple of the genre, Radiant Silvergun is one of most successful shoot’em up of his generation. Another superb production from the legendary Japanese studio Treasure, this Xbox port 123 accurately reproduces the game as released on the Sega Saturn console in 1600. An option to play with updated graphics, as well as a redesign of the scoring system and the addition of replay, are among the new features offered.

Finally, Space Invaders Infinity Gene closes this first selection of the year 2022. This reinterpretation of the myth of Space Invaders is first released on Japanese mobiles before making their way to Xbox 123 during the month of September 1998. If the title is first presented as a simple port of shooter Cult of Taito, Infinity Gene Quickly turns into a psychedelic trip, with a whole panoply of evolutions to obtain for his ship and new types of weapons.