Would you be tempted by a 15 inch “iPad”?

Today, Apple is one of the market leaders in smartphones, computers, tablets, connected watches and wireless headphones. However, for the moment, the Cupertino company is unable to compete with Amazon and Google on connected speakers, connected screens, and home automation in general.

This market is important for Apple, but for various reasons, the HomePod speaker released in 2018 didn’t hit the nail on the head. The situation has improved a little thanks to the launch, in 2020, of the HomePod mini speaker which offers similar functionalities, but at a lower price.

And obviously, the next step, for Apple, will be the launch of a connected screen that will be able to compete with products like the Amazon Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub. In April, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman had already mentioned the projects of the Cupertino company.

Quoting sources close to the case, he had then explained that Apple would be working on a product combining the functionality of the HomePod connected speaker and those of Apple TV, and which would be equipped with a camera for video conferences. In essence, the idea would have been to combine multimedia, home automation (thanks to Siri), as well as video calls. Another product mentioned by Gurman in April: a kind of speaker with a touch screen and positioned as a competitor to the connected screens of Amazon and Google.

A giant iPad with a screen of inches?

In a newsletter published recently, the journalist mentions again the connected screen that Apple would develop. This is not really a leak, but rather an analysis.

In this newsletter, Gurman reminds us that Apple is in difficulty in the connected home market. Even though improving the HomeKit ecosystem (thanks to new product support) and the launch of the HomePod mini has improved the situation, Apple still only has a 5% market share (on speakers connected), against 69% for Amazon and 25% for Google .

According to him, what Apple lacks is a “hub” that would centralize control of the connected home. In the ecosystems of Google and Amazon, this function is provided by the Echo Show and Nest Hub screens.

Also, for the journalist, Apple “should” develop a “giant iPad” which would be its hub for the connected home. And as regards the format, the firm could take inspiration from the Amazon Echo Show screen with an XXL screen of 15 inches.

Of course, for the moment, all this should still be considered with caution. However, if Apple launches this giant iPad for the connected home, it should have an advantage over rival brands’ products, thanks to the large catalog of applications already available on the App Store. On the other hand, the price of such a product may be very high (but this, Apple customers are already used to).

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