World Cup every two years: FIFA promises 17 million euros more to all countries if its reform passes

What could be better than money to convince the recalcitrant? Nothing apparently according to FIFA , which defends more than ever its project of a biennial World Cup . The International Football Federation on Monday promised each of its 211 federations 16 million dollars (16, 8 million euros) additional spread over four years if it manages to double the frequency of the World Cup .

While FIFA is holding a “summit” behind closed doors to relaunch its very controversial reform of the international calendar beyond 2024, it drew up figures on the subject for the first time. For this, it relies on a study by the Nielsen cabinet that it commissioned but whose methodology has not been disclosed.

If the World Cup is held every two years , instead of every four years since 1930 for men and 1930 for women , the additional income from the tournament would be estimated at 4.4 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros) over four years. Ticketing, TV rights and sponsorship would bring revenue to $ 7 billion – a projection linked to the passage of the Men’s World Cup from 20 to 48 teams from 2024 – to 11, 4 billion, according to this study.

L ‘UEFA is standing up against the reform

By creating a new “solidarity fund” endowed with 3.5 billion dollars (3.1 billion euros) on during the first four years of the reform, FIFA therefore estimates that it can allocate to each federation “approximately 14 millions of dollars” ( 14, 1 million euros) over this period, she assured Monday. To this should be added a swelling of the current investment program, dubbed “FIFA Forward”, from 6 to 9 million dollars per federation over the same four-year cycle, according to the organization.

Until now, a study commissioned by UEFA had ensured that a biennial World Cup would reduce the income of European federations , about 2.5 to 3 billion euros over four years. The World League Forum, which represents around 40 professional championships, for its part estimated that domestic competitions could lose up to 8.5 billion dollars (7.5 billion euros) in revenue per season.

FIFA has not put forward any figures concerning the national championships – which represent the basis of the football economy – simply assuring that “historical trajectories show no negative correlation between income generated by the final stages in selection and the leagues ”. And vice versa…