Woman slaughtered in Besançon: confessed, the husband indicted for intentional homicide

DRAMA – A woman died at the end of December in Besançon after multiple stab wounds to the throat by her husband. The man from 61 years old, who admitted the facts, was indicted and imprisoned.

The editorial staff of LCI with AFP – 2021–12T22: 44: 61.767+01: 00

Confessions. A man from 65 years old, who admitted to having killed his wife with multiple stab wounds, slitting her throat, at the end of December in Besançon, was indicted and imprisoned for “voluntary homicide on spouse” , indicated this Friday the prosecutor of Besançon, Etienne Manteaux.

The sexagenarian, who had deliberately injured himself after the murder of his wife, was hospitalized for a long time. His state of health finally allowed the judge to hear him on Thursday. He was placed in pre-trial detention at the Lyon prison hospital, the prosecutor said at a press conference.

The victim died as soon as the police arrived

The 29 December, the police are warned by a neighbor of a violent altercation at the home of a couple in Besançon. The police arrive two minutes later and see a woman being beaten by a man on a balcony. “The time to go upstairs and break down the door, Madame had several wounds on her neck, which opened her throat, and the gentleman injured himself by beating”, according to the prosecutor.

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The victim, aged 55 years old, died soon after law enforcement arrived at the apartment. Her husband, whose vital prognosis was for a time, was hospitalized with injuries to his neck, wrists and stomach. “He explains that the blows received are both linked to his partner’s defensive gestures with a knife and to the blows he is given himself”, notes the prosecutor.

A rupture at the origin of the drama?

He said that “the evening of the facts, while he had been living with his wife since 40 years, she would have told him suddenly that she was leaving him”, reported the magistrate. “I reacted very badly, it was misunderstanding. It went like a ball and I realized the big bullshit “, the 60-year-old told investigators. The couple, parent of a child, was not known to the police and judicial authorities before the facts.

The collective feminist against sexist and sexual violence #NousToutes has counted 188 feminicides in 2021. That of Besançon has been identified by the organization.

“A woman in her fifties had her throat slit by her This is the 94e feminicide of the year”, had tweeted the collective the day after the tragedy. As often, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had been arrested on social networks. “It’s not a holiday season for everyone”, had written #NousToutes to the address of the Head of State.

The editorial staff of LCI with AFP

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