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Woman found dead at home: yellow in Udine

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Crime in the night in Udine, on the second floor of a building in the hamlet of San Rocco. The one who lost her life was Lauretta Toffoli, born in 1948. Her body was found today to find her around 1.45 pm, when her son Manuel Mason – 42 years old – went to visit her mother. On the spot the firefighters and the 118 health workers, who could not help but ascertain the death of her. Then came the police forces, with the police, who also carried out the analysis of the situation with the men of the forensics, and the carabinieri. The coroner and the public prosecutor Claudia Finocchiaro were also on site.

The victim’s former partner, Paolo Mason, also showed up. In the same building, in November 2019, the son stabbed his mother (it is always the same woman). At number 6, on the other hand, right next to it, in March 2020 a woman was seriously burned after having caused a fire in a culpable manner. His injuries caused his death in the following days in the hospital. Ms. Laura, like all her condominiums, had been living in the building since 2010, when the apartments were assigned. She “she was a quiet lady. -she is described by a neighbor of hers -she did not see her often, she lived alone “.

The testimony of the victim’s former partner

“Who killed her? I have an idea, but I can’t say anything. – explained ex-partner Paolo Mason in UdineWhatisfind – I only specify that there were no signs of forced entry, so she opened the door and at that time of the night you only let someone you know in. In the apartment there is a total hustle and bustle. A couple of televisions have been taken away and I don’t know what else. A few neighbors have heard screams, but often it is not noticed. One thinks of the sounds of television “.

Lauretta Toffoli was allegedly killed by a person (or people) she knew. At least this is the theory of Paolo Mason, the former partner with whom she had together her 42-year-old son Manuel (brought to the police station), who today found the woman lifeless. “Our son found her on the ground. -Continued Mason-he He was wearing only her panties. For one of her like her, who wore stockings even to sleep, such a thing is unreal “

“We spent 30 years together – Mason continued to tell -, after I had a daughter from a previous union, but we never got married. We got along well, I called her my wife even though we had never married. We never fought. She was originally from Gruaro, she came to Friuli in the 1980s. Our son came every Saturday for lunch and stayed with her until the afternoon, more or less around 4 pm ”.