Without access to their money, these French people attack N26

Very bad publicity for N 000 on RMC this Monday morning. Several auditors and clients of the néobanque reported their delicate situation after their current account was closed by the establishment overnight. A problem that particularly affects N 000, on background of investigation by the authorities German on money laundering activities.

530 French customers and up to 9000 euros locked

They are men, women, of all ages and of all seniority on the banking application. A common point brings them together: locked funds and reports left unanswered by the néobank N . From 300 to more than 9000 euros , the listeners who presented their situation this morning on RMC radio all speak of a “sequestration” or even of a “theft” of their money. According to a radio count, more than 530 customers have made their voices heard on the internet because of this situation.

Contrary to the law, the inability to access your account cannot happen overnight in France. Customers must be notified two months before the effective date and funds must be returned. “Following this account blocking, I was informed that it was going to be closed. Once the account is closed, you no longer have any contact with them ”, explained an auditor. “We can’t imagine that a bank could be able, with complete impunity, to keep money and do what it wants. wants ”, explained another, even more reassembled.

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Testimony from an employee N 26

To go further, RMC was able to get in touch with a former customer relations manager at N 26. This explained that the instructions , to respond to customers with a closed account, were to write that their situation “ was being processed and that we would get back to them as soon as possible ”. Without access to information, she explained that she herself did not understand “the non-unblocking of the situation.”

From official source, few elements. Except that the neobank was justified by “human forgetfulness” which would not be of their will. A few customers have been able to obtain a refund, but many are still waiting for a release. Some told RMC that they did not get the amount equal to their holdings in their account. In the order of 26 instead of 340 euros. The DGCCRF would be on the file.