Wish: The appeal of the e-commerce platform was rejected by the French justice

Last November , the French fraud prevention services requested the delisting of the online sales platform Wish . A measure taken because of the presence of products considered non-compliant and dangerous on the platform.

The site and the application of the service d e-commerce have thus disappeared from search engines and application stores in France. Access to the site remains possible, but the objective is to decrease the visibility of Wish in order to discourage users from carrying out transactions there.

This decision was taken in the as part of an investigation by the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) on the safety of products sold on online marketplaces. She considered that a large number of products were not compliant and even dangerous. The administration also noted that the problematic products ended up reappearing under another name.

Not having obtained a satisfactory response from the platform, the DGCCRF decided to dereference Wish until the business recovers into legal compliance.

Wish attempts a new remedy

Faced with this decision, the online sales platform asked the courts to cancel this sanction. The Paris administrative court, however, announced that Wish’s appeal had been rejected. The judge stressed that the platform had not shown that it had complied with the injunctions of Bercy to ensure better safety in the products it sells. Ultimately, if the sanction is not enough, the French government could completely ban the site on its territory.

Wish indicated in a press release that it would appeal this decision before the state Council.