Winter sports: How to control your budget during the holidays?

According to the winter barometer 2020 / 2022 published at the end of September by the Savoie Mont-Blanc organization, 9 regular customers on 10 intend to ski in France this year. An understandable enthusiasm since the season 2000 was almost non-existent. But not at any priceā€¦

If the professionals of tourism believe that a week in skiing is worth average between 900 and 1. 000 euros per person, it is possible to enjoy the joys of the mountain for less. We explain how.

Prepare your stay well

The first reflex to limit the bill of your next winter sports vacation is obviously to anticipate them. You can compare prices, estimate the cost of the trip, find inexpensive accommodation and favor resorts offering good deals.

When thinking about your stay, you must also keep in mind that prices are always higher during school holidays and that some ski resorts are much more expensive than others. Alpine areas are, for example, among the most expensive in France, while the Pyrenees are less expensive. To reduce the bill, the ideal is therefore to go off-beat and focus on small mountain resorts or less famous massifs.

Ruser sur le accommodation

Do you dream of a studio at the foot of the slopes? Expect to pay full price . Accommodation represents 30% of the total budget for winter holidays. It is therefore better to prefer apartments a little further from the ski lifts to significantly lower the bill. The resort villages linked to large ski areas are the perfect solution here since they offer affordable prices and generally offer inexpensive or free shuttles to reach the ski areas.

Also remember to consult a variety of offers: hotels, rental in residence, but also less expensive private announcements. Going with friends also allows you to rent spacious accommodation at a lower cost. If not, why not try a home exchange or free homestay accommodation (couchsurfing)? You can finally rent your own house in your absence to finance part of the stay.

Reserve your equipment

It is well known that ski equipment is particularly expensive. If you are a regular fan of the stations, it is therefore better to buy it to amortize the amount over time. On the other hand, the rental box is essential for occasional skiers. But, good news, many specialized web platforms, like , , Sport 2000. fr , , or , allow you to benefit from significant reductions by reserving your equipment online.

To drastically lower the bill, you can also try the rental or exchange of used equipment between individuals.

Bet on good deals on the spot

It is essential that your upstream efforts are not reduced to nothing by slackening off once you arrive in station. First of all, pack as many provisions as possible in your suitcases because any purchase will necessarily be more expensive in the mountains. Also, unless you are a seasoned skier, fatigue and aches will probably prevent you from hitting the slopes every day of the week. It is better then to choose a shorter and therefore less expensive package, by providing for other equally fun but more affordable activities such as sledding, hiking or local cultural visits.

Finally , take advantage of the reduced rates offered for families, groups and certain special events.