Will the smartphones of the future be Samsung with foldable screens?

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s been clear that the South Korean tech company is betting on foldable OLED screens. Market trends show growing interest in foldable smartphones, and not just among tech experts. Let’s add that more and more models prove that the folding mechanism and the associated technology are today sophisticated enough to withstand daily use.

The future is foldable: Samsung is working on its new models

In view of the growing demand, Samsung is confirmed in its effort to launch more and more products with a foldable screen. Anyway, the forerunner of the foldable has the necessary know-how, the launch of the first Samsung foldable smartphone dating back nearly three years. On 17 February 2019, he presented the first generation of his Galaxy Fold smartphone. Now it’s at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that Samsung is showing the way forward with several amazing foldable prototypes. Here’s the plan: Many products are expected to be foldable up to twice, making tablets more compact than ever. The Flex S, in the usual size of a smartphone, has a screen that can be folded twice like an accordion. Users benefit here from a screen inches . This model also exists in a more compact version with only four inches for people looking for smaller mobile solutions.

Another product highlighted by Samsung is the Flex G, whose two sides fold inwards to better protect the screen during transport. A support for S Pen is also integrated there so that the tablet is multifunctional and usable almost everywhere.

Laptop and tablet in one product: the large foldable format by Samsung

A laptop with a foldable screen: that should be even more spectacular. Samsung presented a device called Flex Note, which once unfolded, acts as a tablet 17 inches. Folded up rectangularly, it can be used as a twelve-inch laptop using a virtual keyboard.