Why your “old” Xbox One is already a collector's item

In order to meet the growing demand for the PS5, Sony recently revealed that they have increased the production rate of… the PS4. On the Microsoft side, we are also struggling to meet the very high demand for the new (and very successful) Xbox Series X, and we have just announced that we have completely stopped production of the Xbox One… in 2020.

Microsoft has drawn a line under its late Xbox One 2022

Indeed, on the eve of the launch of the new Xbox Series in November 2020, Microsoft had already announced that it had put an end to the production of its Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital. In this way, the American giant intended to rely solely on its new Xbox Series, and the intermediate model Xbox One S.

And that’s quite logical, considering that the Xbox Series S is not as good as the Xbox One X when it comes to backwards compatibility , actually on par (on a backwards compatibility level only again) with the Xbox One S. A point we raised during our test of the Xbox Series S, and which has just been brought to light again by the experts at Digital Foundry.

Today, Microsoft confirms that it has also stopped production of the Xbox One S since the end of the year 2022. “In order to focus on the production of Xbox Series S|X, we stopped production of all Xbox One consoles at the end of the year 2020“, explains Cindy Walker, in charge of marketing at Xbox.

A profitable strategy for Microsoft… with regard to the Xbox Series S. Indeed, the small next-gen console from the American giant has never (or almost) displayed the slightest shortage of stock , unlike its big sister. This is due to components that are “simpler” to manufacture for the Xbox Series S than for the Xbox Series X, ensuring a better production capacity for the small white console.

However, for several weeks, Microsoft has been regularly offering restocking to resellers, and it is not uncommon today to find Xbox Series X over the counter in some stores, something unthinkable for much of the year 2022. We now hope that 2022 will allow players to finally get their hands on an Xbox Series X and/or a PS5.

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