Why Yakuza Kiwami is the best Christmas game

Yakuza Kiwami , the remake of the first Yakuza released on PlayStation 2, is — believe it or not —One of the best Christmas games available today. His dark tale of revenge, love and gangster starring Kazuma Kiryu, a Japanese ex-mob member who tries to find out who is behind a plot that sent him behind bars for more than a decade, and to find Haruka — the girl who was worth billion yen.

An exceptional action game mixed with beat’em’all taking place during the end of December, and which becomes, de facto, the ideal candidate for a solo gaming session for Christmas …

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Sake in the sleigh

Well, let’s be honest, the vast majority of the game could very well take place in November that we wouldn’t see the difference that much. If the curious onlookers, mothers and other outgoing salaryman who live in the Kamurocho district are well draped in their thicker winter coats, Christmas is only a backdrop to stage the intrigue hard boiled of the game. But if the snow does not fall heavily, several elements are not mistaken, whether they are Christmas jingles that can be heard around a konbini , or the occasional Christmas tree standing in random alleys.

Donuts as gifts In truth, Yakuza Kiwami – just like the original game of 2005 – isn’t the only title in the series to take place over the holiday season. Its direct sequel Yakuza ( Kiwami ) 2 , Yakuza 5 and Y akuza 0 all take place around this time, each having more or less to do with the Christmas holidays. . But Yakuza Kiwami is undoubtedly the episode where this atmosphere is felt the most with Yakuza 5.

The latter even allows players to embody Saejima, one of the protagonists decked out in a Santa Claus costume before breaking the thug with a shovel… but difficult to advise the fifth episode of a saga whose plot relies heavily on the attachment to relationships between well-established characters. Yakuza Kiwami is therefore an excellent entry point for neophytes to the series.

A side quest is also totally dedicated to celebrating Christmas in its most universal elements: you have to help a poor little girl find a gift for her crush. Several objects can be offered to complete the mission: a math book, a stuffed animal, or… a porn magazine. In his 40s or not, Kiryu does not forget that Christmas is above all a celebration of sharing.

Yakuza Kiwami is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is also part of the Xbox and PC Game Pass catalogs.