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Why are the nice boys always thrown in the garbage can and treat a badboy like a king. Here is a picture:

Why bad boys attract women

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Why bad boys attract women?

Something that matters a lot is self-confidence.

“nice guys” tend to have less of it. Badboys may not have it either. But you can dub it over.

This “I know what I want, and I show it too” is a really big point on which women really jump.

“Nice guys” often simply don’t communicate that.

A simple example is the myth that you want / should / must befriend a woman and then she falls in love with you.

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Yes. that does happen. But it is fundamentally a wrong approach. When you want to spend time with a woman and want to be more than just friends. Then you have to behave in such a way that the opposite notices that he is only there because he wants more than friendship.

And above all: if a woman then communicates that she does not want that. You have your balls in your pants and say: Ok bye, good life.

And the expectation would be even worse: “I was nice to her. So she owes me something ….” People should give who actually think that way. Which is absolute bullshit.

In addition, there may also be the fact that some people tend to chase after the completely unsuitable women.

If you yourself are the type who likes board games, likes to read a book and in winter crouches outside with a telescope to look at the sky. And like to watch any scifi series. Then there is the made-up party mouse that can be seen every weekend in the disco and talks about the latest stuff from sex and the city or something else about her friends. Certainly not the right type for you.

Why Women Date Bad Boys

I see an archaic element from human history in this: it is about survival and successful reproduction.

A “badboy” may radiate something that makes him appear outside, strength, dynamism, etc., ultimately an attitude that leads him to his own benefit and the benefit of a family. The attribute “bad” may come from an observation that, in order to pursue this, he also causes suffering or harm to other people or accepts it.

Archaically, women are interested in optimal reproduction, i.e. also propagating an attitude that may be genetically determined in this way, as it also gives them advantages. They like to find refuge and protection as well as security in the environment of this attitude.

The dear boy may have a completely different attitude. His claim, e.g. to offer a refuge and security in another Dimenaion, whereby going outside and getting advantages for oneself seems to be of secondary importance, does not meet with everyone and possibly also very rarely.

This archaicism was certainly very necessary in early human history, but it is becoming less important in our modern society, in which there is a great deal of security and abundance. But it is intrinsic to us and has so far outlived any clarification.

Why do women run after bad boys?

I suspect that it is still part of the trial of strength in puberty. There you try out what you can do, whether who is stronger or who can possibly even be influenced. The sweet girl then wants to find out whether she is able to catch and tame the asshole. If she manages, she may get encouragement from her group / clique and has a trophy that proves that she can deal with men.

Comfort yourself because when the trial of strength is over, most of them prefer the nice boys, because at some point the awareness arises that people cannot be tamed permanently and that not everything that does not fit can be made to fit.

10 Reasons Why Most Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys

There are a couple of reasons:

  1. The badboy often pays more attention to his appearance and appearance, so he looks better optically
  2. The badboy exudes strength and independence, the nice boy weakness and neediness
  3. The badboy disregards rules and norms, which – especially for very well-adjusted, well-behaved girls – represents a kind of “fulfillment of their own desires” because they would like to rebel themselves, but cannot do it
  4. The badboy hides things, does not explain himself, likes to leave girls in the dark and is generally taciturn – this creates a certain “mysticism” and a “mysterious aura”. The less a girl knows about a boy, the more space there is for her own imagination and her own (wish) projections.
  5. At a young age, girls don’t want security or harmony, they want action and adventure. They do not want the peaceful family life of mom and dad, they want to have completely different experiences, and the badyboy is always good for that.
  6. People generally want what they can’t have because it’s in our nature. The badboy is rather dismissive, which arouses the ambition and curiosity of girls to find out what is so special about this person that they do not want to share with others. If I offer you a 10 Euro note or a mysterious black velvet box that jingles in it, you will 90% choose the box simply because you are curious, even if it only contains a plastic ring worth 50 cents in the end.
  7. The badboy also often seems less complicated than the nice boy, because he is less worried, has fewer worries, and just lives for the day – without thinking about the future. When asked, he makes an impulsive decision without worrying about the consequences. This simplicity and spontaneity attracts girls who are insecure or over-headed themselves.
  8. Young girls often do not want to commit themselves properly for life because other things are more important to them than a relationship. With the badboy, they know that the whole thing will probably have a short expiration date. And often a calculable risk is better than an incalculable opportunity.
  9. Last but not least, there is the father complex: some girls were brought up in such a way that women in the family did not receive the same appreciation as a man. They were often not praised enough by the father, but treated as stupid, but the father still represents the archetype of a “man” for girls. The badboy then reminds them of the hard-hearted father, thus giving them a familiar feeling and a possibility, mentally to woo the favor of a father figure again. Once caught in this scheme, it often repeats itself throughout life.

1. They are more fun

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Bad guys like to live on the edge. They don’t plan their future. They are very spontaneous and make improvised decisions. They improvise on their way through life. They are very adventurous and do not think twice before making a decision. His ability to deal with situations is excellent. They prefer to face the consequences than waste time thinking.

2. They are more attractive

Why Women Date Bad Boys

When it comes to appearance, bad guys have full confidence to achieve it. They take pride in the way they dress or how they behave. Whether it’s a suit or even a denim jacket, bad guys can wear it with the same charm. They can be soiled and then cleaned in a second. They just do it for themselves and do not care if others are not impressed.

3. Blame evolution

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Bad guys meddle a lot with danger. They fear nothing in their lives. These attract women a lot. They do not think and if something goes wrong, they simply face the situation with courage and each time they come out winning with a smile on their face. Bad guys are those who can cope with the most difficult times and also promise that their progeny will have the same genes.

4. They feed your ego

Why Women Date Bad Boys

The rebellious nature of men is always welcome. Bad guys will give you the attention you crave. They have no expectations of you and will not stay long enough to see your reactions and you know it very well. This somehow makes the interaction with a bad guy very intense and unique.

5. Your daily dose of drug

Why Women Date Bad Boys

During an early stage of a relationship, the human brain releases two types of chemicals, namely dopamine and serotonin. As the relationship blossoms over time, the human brain also releases a love chemical called oxytocin. The human brain needs both to survive. We can get love and affection from friends and family but, when we are with a bad guy, the daily dose of dopamine increases.

6. Your ovaries are skewed

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Most women can not stop thinking about the wrong men who are not suitable for them. It is because of their ovaries and the ovaries make them believe that the most handsome guy is also the right guy. This misleads women into making the wrong choices in their lives.

7. They want to be the one to change them

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Women like to have authority and also like to have a sense of purpose in a relationship. They feel immensely proud and have a keen sense of belonging when they try to change the bad guy they have met. They believe that there is something good in everything and that the right techniques can change a man. But research says that eighty percent of women have not made it and most of them have become bad girls.

8. They love drama

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Bad guys like to play with women’s hearts. They are not simple. They’ll make a woman wait. They go round and never give the girl a direct answer. They will only pay attention to the girl from time to time. They will fight and argue as much as they can with the woman. Somehow, women like this drama and it makes them more attracted to these bad guys.

9. Have low self-esteem

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Bad guys are very narcissistic in nature. They have a high sense of personal importance. Science shows us that people who are attracted to narcissistic people are usually people who have very low self-esteem. They don’t get validation from other people they want. This reduces self-confidence. This is why that woman stays with the bad guys, only to be validated.

10. Play a fantasy

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Bad guys have a lot of plans up their sleeve. Women love crazy, spontaneous stories and feel a lot of adrenaline through them. Bad guys are a perfect combination of dark and sweet maneuvers that perform the perfect fantasy for women.

Why bad boys attract women? FAQ

Why are some women attracted to bad men?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Another reason why women like bad boys is simply due to the high levels of confidence these men exude. As noted in a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, people who feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem can appear more physically attractive to others. Why are some women attracted to bad men?

Why are Bad Boys attractive?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

As noted in a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, people who feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem can appear more physically attractive to others. Specifically, a bad boy’s highly confident demeanor helps him look even more handsome and appealing to the women around him. Why are Bad Boys attractive?

Why do girls fall for Bad Boys?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Every woman knows the consequences of dating a bad boy, but they are always attracted towards them. There is something about them which women cannot resist. Here are the 10 reasons why women fall for bad boys: 1. They are more fun Bad boys like to live on the edge. They don’t plan out their future. Why do girls fall for Bad Boys?

Do women like sensitive men?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

“Women may say they want a sensitive man but they don’t always love one,” said Harvey Mansfield, professor of political philosophy at Harvard and author of “Manliness.” “They are sometimes much more attracted to a manly man. He may be more oblivious of their needs and their desires but impresses them more.” Do women like sensitive men?

What do women like in men?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Women desire a man who is honorable, fair, and ethical. In terms of relationships, having integrity can help strengthen the bond a man has with a woman, as his moral principles will guide his behavior and help him to be the best partner that he can be. What do women like in men?

At what age does a woman become sexually inactive?

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Although most sexually active women in the study were under age 65, the majority of the women who remained sexually active into their 70s and beyond retained the ability to become aroused, maintain lubrication and achieve orgasm during sex. At what age does a woman become sexually inactive?