Why were chainsaws invented

Joseph Buford Cox and Andreas Stihl are important people who contributed to the development of the modern chainsaw. Stihl designed and patented a chainsaw in 1926. In 1929, he produced a gasoline-powered saw and set up a company to go into mass production.

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On the other hand, in 1927, Emil Lerp, owner of a company called Dolmar, designed the first cloth saw, and then began mass production. McCulloch and Industrial Equipment Company in North America also moved into chainsaw production. The first models of saws are quite heavy and have two personalities. It has a long machete and heavy wheels, like pull saws. Other parts operate the machete, which serves to cut through the Strip from the wheeled power unit.

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II. After World War II, machine designs and advances in aluminum use made chainsaws that one person could carry. In places, forest tractors have been replaced by cutting stackers and harvesters; almost all saws based on human power have been replaced by chainsaws. There are many varieties of chainsaws, from chainsaws designed for use in the garden and at home to large lumberjack saws.

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