Why justice indicted Franck Provost, the “hairdresser of the stars”

Posted on 23 Dec. 2021 at 15: 29 Updated on 23 Dec. 2021 at 15: 33

Franck Provost will he be caught by the patrol? The French hairdresser has just been indicted for “abuse of social property” and “money laundering in an organized group of aggravated tax fraud,” said the Nanterre prosecutor’s office on Thursday. Placed under judicial supervision, his deposit was set at 375. 000 euros, a specified his lawyer to the “Echos”.

The founder of the Provalliance group, European leader in hairdressing recently passed into the fold of the Core Equity fund, has been in the crosshairs of the justice system for several years. She is particularly interested in accounting software used by dozens of salons belonging to her network of franchisees.