Why is it illegal to use your phone at a gas station?

I prefer to spoil you right away: Telephoning while refueling is not a priori dangerous. There is even an infinitesimal chance of starting a fire. But it is indeed forbidden: this is called a precautionary principle.

This ban dates from 15 April 2010. So be careful, I’m reading you the name of the decree in question. I warn you it’s long: “ Order of 18 April 2010 relating to the general requirements applicable to service stations subject to the registration regime under heading No. 1435 of the nomenclature of installations classified for the protection of the environment”

In this text, it is written that the telephone is prohibited and that it must even be turned off ! Suffice to say that we have all already flouted the law, I am sure of it.

Can a telephone really start a fire?Theoretically yes…but it would take a highly unlikely set of circumstances for that to happen.

The fear of cellphones is the batteries, and in the event that these malfunction. So there could be a spark being created. And a spark near flammable gas is not a good idea. Your phone would still have to be very close to the fuel filler flap of your car.

In short, you understood me, you really have to be unlucky.

Where does this crazy idea come from that a smartphone can set a gas station on fire?

Well, it’s just fake news from years ago . An American petroleum institute had circulated an email explaining that many fires had broken out in American stations.

So yes, it’s true, but the telephones had nothing to see inside. It was simply because of the static electricity generated by the drivers when entering their vehicle.

According to the Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility from the University of Oklahoma, no gas station fire linked to a mobile phone has ever been noted.

But you have understood, as a precautionary principle, leave your laptop for 2 minutes while refueling. And then, it feels good to disconnect too.

Now you know everything