Why esports is set for stratospheric growth

According to a study by Juniper Research in March 2021, global esports revenues are expected to grow by % by 2025. In detail, the experts therefore anticipated that total revenue would increase from 2.1 billion dollars to 3.5 billion in 4 years. These vouchers would come in particular from streaming platforms, broadcasting rights, ticket sales, or even sponsorship contracts.

E-sport is supported by big names in the video game industry

A little less than a year later, it was the turn of the analysis company Acumen to drive the point home. Experts thus announce that e-sports revenues could continue to grow very strongly over the coming years to reach more than 7.1 billion dollars by 2028.

Experts note that watching e-sports has become a real habit for 380 million people around the world. The pandemic has certainly impacted the market, in particular by preventing the holding of in-person events. This has not prevented the organization of appointments without an audience, even if they do not have the same flavor.

The authors also explain how platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming are playing a major role in this boom. Similarly, sponsorship gains are on the rise and brands have understood the interest of investing in this promising sector.

A bit like in other sports, you can also see that broadcasting rights tend to increase and some media do not hesitate to pay large sums to retransmit certain events in streaming. This is one of the most important vectors of growth.

North America is the region of the world where the market share of e-sports is the strongest, but Asia-Pacific is no exception. The trend is set to continue according to experts with many companies in the industry partnering with esports organizations. This trend should continue according to analysts and among these big names who have understood the interest of betting on electronic sports, we can mention Activision Blizzard, Valve, Tencent, EA, Nintendo, or even NVIDIA.

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