Why do you like watching each other so much during Zoom meetings?

If you feel exhausted after a Zoom meeting, know that you are not alone. The concept of “Zoom Fatigue” has even been formally studied by scientists at the prestigious Stanford University and it is firmly established. Thus, for some people, making video calls can cause difficulty concentrating, irritability, and headaches or back pain.

This is not not a whim of narcissistic users

However, it appears that this experience is not unpleasant for everyone. Some even take a certain pleasure in seeing their face on the screen, to the point of not even looking at the other participants. Researchers at the State University of Washington have precisely been interested in this phenomenon.

To do this, they questioned 80 employees and 200 students over a period from summer to autumn 2020. An observation is immediately obvious and it goes against what one might think. Quoted by Futurism, Kristine Kuhn, the author of this study explains as follows:

Most people think seeing each other during virtual meetings makes the overall experience worse, but our data doesn’t show that.

Thus, people who have greater self-confidence look at their face on the screen very little. On the contrary, more timid users tend to observe themselves more. We would therefore not be dealing with narcissism but with a way of reassuring ourselves while avoiding meeting the eyes of the other participants.

Therefore, the scientist believes that if the organizer of the meeting forces participants to use their cameras, some people may experience this situation much more difficultly. Kristine Kuhn therefore offers advice to managers: “ A manager who leads a meeting would probably prefer that everyone has their camera on, of course. At the same time, he should know that there is probably a cost to this and that it is not ideal for everyone ”.