Why do you absolutely have to watch Ranking of Kings?

It is true that we are no longer in 2021 and that you surely have your eyes on the new anime of 2021. However, we can not ignore a small nugget that has passed under the radar. The name of this anime is Ranking of Kings. Although the machine is already in motion, there is still time to catch up.

Wit Studio CreditsDiscover below, the reasons which make Ranking of Kings, an anime to see.

A hero unlike any other

In the shonen universe, the main characters often have a fairly similar background. But the hero of Ranking of Kings, Prince Boji, is very different from what you were used to. Boji is the son of King Bosse and in this fantasy world kings are ranked.

Power, heroic exploits, charisma, several criteria are used to establish the ranking and all the kings try to climb to the first place. Boji as the heir to the throne faces a lot of difficulties. Although his father is a giant, Boji is smaller than a human and that’s not all. He is also deaf-mute and seems to possess no talent and in a world where strength is paramount, Boji is very weak.

Compared to heroes started from scratch like Asta (Black Clover) or Midoriya Izuku (My Hero Academia), Boji has even weaker bases. His only skill is dodging, but without strength he cannot defeat his opponents. He also faces the mockery of his people who see him as incapable. And he is not really helped by his family who sees in his younger brother Daida, a better pretender to the throne.

A fantastic universe not so rosy as that

Do not let yourself be fooled by the somewhat too childish aspect of Ranking of Kings. At first glance, anime fans might miss out, but with a little patience, you’ll be genuinely surprised. The original manga by Sousuke Toka tackles quite dark subjects and to notice it, it will take a few episodes.

In each episode, you will realize that Boji’s life is constantly threatened and his worst enemies are part of his entourage. But we shouldn’t say too much at the risk of crossing the spoiler line. The adaptation in animated series is entrusted to Yousuke Hatta who notably directed the anime One Punch Man. The studio in charge of the project is the well-known Wit Studio.

Again, don’t stop at the style of the drawing and looking too childish from the anime Ranking of Kings. Once you put all these details aside, you will realize that Ranking of Kings is among the best anime of 2021. Boji has a very difficult start like many shonen heroes and his rise promises to be as spectacular as that of his elders.

Have you already watched the first episodes of Ranking of Kings? What did you think of the first part of the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: ComicBook