Why do i feel tired all the time

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What Diseases Cause Morning Fatigue?
Morning malaise is not a disease in itself, but it can be a harbinger of a disease. It can also mean that there is something in your body that does not work well. Let’s examine which diseases cause fatigue.

Heart Problems Make Fatigue
The first hours of the morning are dangerous hours for heart ailments. Low blood pressure can cause problems with the blood circulation in the brain, which leads to a feeling of fatigue.

Hormonal diseases linked to morning fatigue
Problems with thyroid hormones affect the functioning of the body and metabolism. This condition also leads to fatigue, morning fatigue. For this reason, morning fatigue can be a harbinger of thyroid diseases.

Psychological Problems Cause You To Wake Up Tired
Depression or anxiety states are most common in the morning. If you are at a time when you are experiencing intense emotional problems, it may be caused by anxiety or even more advanced depression. It is enough for you to know and know yourself to understand this situation.

Nutritional Inaccuracies
Eating heavy food at night can cause morning fatigue. In addition, strict diet programs are also a factor that takes away your energy. For this reason, you should also be careful when dieting. You should definitely follow the diet as recommended by the dietitian. You should also tell your dietitian about your daily routine activities and help him accurately determine the amount of calories you spend. When you get fewer calories than you need daily, your energy will also run out, and you will most feel the bad effects of this condition in the morning.

Various Causes Of Morning Fatigue
All these ailments, as well as sleep apnea, fmf, familial Mediterranean fever, chronic ailments such as diabetes, anemia, you may be waking up tired for many reasons such as excessive caffeine consumption. In addition, low water consumption also affects your morning state. Your life habits may also be associated with morning fatigue. Smoking and alcohol consumption reduce the quality of life and cause a constant feeling of fatigue.

If You Say You Don’t Want To Wake Up Tired In The Morning
First, get to know yourself well and make a good observation. Keep notes for yourself about waking up tired in the morning. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I drinking enough water?
How’s my emotional state, are there things that upset and stress me?
Is my diet suitable for me?
Am I getting enough sleep? Does my fatigue level change when I sleep more or less?
Am I eating healthy enough? Am I paying attention to my breakfast meal?
Does my fatigue level change when I reduce alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine consumption?
Observe yourself in the light of all these questions and see if you can cure your fatigue. See physician if you notice that there is nothing in your power at the time. You may have a chronic condition, or something may not be right in your body. Don’t forget to tell your doctor all your observations about yourself. It is very important to accurately convey your condition for diagnosis.

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