Why do i drool when i sleep

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He examined the relationship between swinging and falling asleep in more depth. It shouldn’t be so hard to imagine yourself lazing in a hammock set in the shade of trees on this hot summer day. On the one hand, the sound of leaves Whispering with the wind, and on the other hand, it is natural that you feel relaxed in a hammock swinging in soft harmony in a completely different realm. Experts who conducted research on haber5uyu examined in more depth the relationship between swinging and falling asleep. According to research, people who take a nap in a gently rocking bed go to sleep in less time than those who sleep without rocking and sleep deeper. Also, rocking sleep synchronizes brain waves. 12 healthy male individuals voluntarily participated in the study. The most distinctive feature of all of them was that they were very good with sleep. A week apart, they slept 45 minutes of afternoon sleep in a dark room on two separate days. One time they slept in a normal bed, and the second time on a gently rocking bed. Swiss experts measured the electrical activity of the brains of the people involved in the study using the EEG method, and found that those who sleep by shaking switch more quickly to the light sleep phase we call N1 at the beginning of sleep and the deep sleep phase we call N2, as well as stay in deep sleep for longer. As a result of the EEG test, it was observed that slow brain wave activity related to deep sleep also increased, especially in the last quarter of the N2 stage. Individuals who quickly switched to deep sleep had a longer and quality sleep hour. The next step is to investigate the effect of rocking sleep on irregular sleep disorders, experts predict that rocking sleep can also improve memory repair. Insomnia sufferers can at least try to fall asleep by swinging in a hammock or swing until the results of the study are final!

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