Why Citroën wants to ban the Polestar brand throughout Europe

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Already opposed in France, Polestar and Citroën will compete at European level.

In the automobile industry, there are certain rivalries which one does not suspect. This is the case, for example, between Citroën, the brand of the Stellantis group, and Polestar, the sports entity of Volvo. Their confrontation for a time limited to France has just taken a new step since Citroën is attacking Polestar at European level. The first criticizes the second for having lacked inspiration when imagining its logo. Indeed, if we take the two historical chevrons of the French manufacturer and oppose them instead of superimposing them… we obtain the symbol of Polestar.

This dispute is what explains in particular that the sports brand of Volvo is not currently distributed in France. Indeed, if in 2020 the courts had rejected Citroën’s claims on the charge of counterfeiting, it had given him reason on the principle of trademark infringement. But Citroën decided not to stop there and seized the Tribunal of the French-speaking company of Brussels. By passing this institution, the French manufacturer hopes to block Polestar sales at European level… or at least obtain compensation, or even a change of logo for its competitor. Polestar still has a few weeks to decide on a strategy or fold. The case will not be examined until the start of the school year.

Can Polestar be banned from sale in Europe?

If the ban on French territory is an acceptable damage for Polestar and its parent company Geely, it is not sure that its extension to all the countries of the European Union will be experienced as well. Indeed, Polestar is experiencing growing success in several neighboring countries, whether in Norway or the Netherlands. There, the Polestar 2 is seen as a credible alternative to the Tesla Model 3.

Citroën’s procedure could therefore have serious consequences for the future of Volvo’s sports brand. Undoubtedly, the threat is to be taken seriously. The chevron brand (Polestar cannot yet claim this designation) seems determined to keep them to itself.