Over the last 13 years, pop star Britney Spears has been subject to a conservatorship which prevents her from controlling the rights to her estate. And now, a new documentary titled “Framing Britney Spears” aims to shed light on the musician’s legal fight and her years under the media’s microscope.

WHY Can’t i Find Framing Brittany on HULU

“Framing Britney Spears” is part of the “The New York Times Presents” series of documentaries, and aired as the sixth episode of the show. The film covers the musician’s past and the events that led up to the current court batter over her estate.

Since 2008, Spears has been under a conservatorship which grants her father, Jamie Spears, and a lawyer control over her financial and personal assets. Following the episode’s airing, new developments have already occurred which could alter the dynamic of the conservatorship.

WHY Can’t i Find Framing Brittany on HULU

Find out what all the buzz is about and watch the Britney Spears documentary, The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears. The latest installment of the FX and Hulu docu-series has taken the entertainment world and social media by storm, with celebrities and fans alike discussing the in-depth look at the pop star’s life.

Framing Britney Spears examines how the singer’s image was shaped by the music industry, the media and her fervent fans. It focuses closely on the conservatorship held by her father, Jamie, since 2008, which gives him control over her estate and business affairs. The documentary also looks at the legal battles waged by Spears as she tries to regain control over her career, as well as the fan-led #FreeBritney movement in support of that effort.

Have you tried searching for “New York Times”? That’s how i found it. Framing Britney Spears is episode 6 of New York Times Presents.

the hashtag free britney is once again

trending all over social media

the movement started back in 2009 when

britney’s father was appointed as her


in 2008 but after recent pictures and

images posted on the celeb social media

fans are starting to worry about her

again they believe that she’s being held

captive and are now fearing for the

star’s safety

hey everyone what’s up and welcome back

to most amazing top 10 i’m your host

lindsay ivan and today i’m bringing you

the top 10 scary times britney spears

cried for help

people are really diving into the life

of britney and

are analyzing old posts and songs turns

out that she may have been

begging for help for years and we just

haven’t noticed but

before i begin let me give you a little

rundown on britney’s life

what not a lot of people know is that

britney was not allowed to sing using

her true

voice if you watched videos from her

singing live when she was younger you

would know that her singing rage is

much deeper and not as high pitched in


it’s similar to that of christina

aguilera’s but since they were both on

the mickey mouse clubhouse together and

they were both trying to have a

successful music career

it’s believed that britney’s record

label forced her to change up her voice

as a result britney had to retrain and

restrain her voice to make it more

unique but over the years singing like

this actually damaged her vocal cords

then in 2006 britney wanted to release

an acoustic album called original doll

rumor has it that this album was her

plan to rebrand herself and sing using


real voice but her record label canceled

the album

after finding this out brittany has been


since the start of her career she is now

a 38 year old woman

and still doesn’t have control of

herself starting off this countdown we

have the leaked recording

in 2008 a recording from the rolling

stone captured britney saying and i


i basically just want my life back i

want to be able to drive my car

i want to be able to live in my house by

myself i want to be able to say

who’s going to be my security guard keep

in mind britney is not allowed to

publicly talk about her conservatorship

so she may appear fine on the outside

but on the inside

she clearly feels trapped she’s a grown

woman and has

no control over her life it’s extremely


this recording proves that britney is

not okay with the conservatorship

and she just wants to get her free will

back in our ninth spot we have the


seems like britney has been put through

a lot against her will

in fact some believe that her music for

years has been hinting at the fact that

she is being controlled

let’s take a look at the 2000s hit song

lucky now pay attention to the lyrics

they go

knock knock knock on the door it’s time

for makeup

perfect smile it’s you they’re all

waiting for

one can interpret this as britney being

controlled daily

by people telling her how to act or


like she has to wake up every day and be

britney she isn’t being treated as a

human being but

more like a product the song continues

on by saying

she’s so lucky she’s a star but she cry

cry cries in her lonely heart

and if there’s nothing missing in my

life then why do these tears come at


it seems as if people thought that

britney was living a life of luxury

just because she’s a star but what we

don’t know

is the dark truth of what goes on behind

the scenes

this might show how she isn’t happy just

being a star

and being the britney people want her to

be this may have been one of the first

hints that something was off about


in our eighth spot we have the dancing


on may 16th just after returning from a

mental health facility

britney posted on instagram a video of

her dancing to the song

scream by michael jackson fans are


why she chose that song in particular to

dance to

it’s particularly interesting since it

was rumored that she was taken to the


against her will after not taking her

medication and going to in-n-out burger

with her boyfriend without her dad’s


so the song’s lyrics go as follows

tired of injustice tired of the schemes

your lies are disgusting

what does it mean kicking me down i

gotta get up

as jacked as it sounds the whole system


then the song continues by saying you’re

selling out souls but i care about mine

i’ve gotta get stronger and i won’t give

up the fight that’s right britney

stay strong and fight on coming in at

number seven we have

over protected another song that is said

to have a double meaning is britney song

titled over protected which was released

in 2001.

in the song she sings i’ll tell them

what i like what i want

what i don’t but every time i do i stand


this can be interpreted as britney being

told how she

should act for years she can’t have her

own beliefs

she always needs to act in accordance to

how they want her to act

the song goes on to say i’m so fed up

with people telling me to be

someone else but me like i said before

britney was treated as a product and she

would have had to behave a certain way

to keep up the image of

brittany brittany was never able to be

her true self she’s been trying to tell

us this for years that she just

feels trapped god i need a petition for

her like i

feel so bad making our way down the list

at number six we have

my prerogative my prerogative was a hit

song by brittany that was released in


this is another song that has a supposed

hidden message in it

in the song brittany sings why don’t

they just let me live

i don’t need permission make my own


she may be telling us that she isn’t

allowed to make her own decisions

she was stripped from her own free will

like i said

every aspect of britney’s life was and


is being controlled we are now at our

fifth and halfway mark with the yellow


brittany has been under conservatorship

for around 12

years now she is a 38 year old woman

that is being controlled by her father

because of her conservatorship britney

can’t drive a car

vote get married have children do an

interview that

isn’t scripted use her phone

unsupervised or speak publicly about the


so fans are trying to save her from this


recently britney started to post videos

on tiktok and instagram

that people thought were quite odd as a

result a bunch of fans began to post

things like

if you need help wear a yellow shirt in

your next video

and that’s exactly what britney did some

say that it was just a coincidence

others think that she really does need

help on july 2nd

brittany posted a video of her in a

yellow shirt the caption read

i was so excited i threw on my favorite

yellow shirt and just had to share

the fact that she even mentioned the

yellow shirt in the caption

makes it that more suspicious but also

note the word

share was written in all caps as if she

wants you to

share this cry for help to others in our

fourth spot we have the letter

recently britney’s old photographer and

in-house director

andrew gallery came forward on tick tock

claiming that he had a letter

britney sent to him the conservatorship

destroyed the letter

but before that happened he made a copy

of it in the letter

britney refers to herself in third


she writes about how she was lied to and

set up so that her father could take

control as her conservator

she also claims that she was manipulated

into her divorce from

kevin fetterline and into giving up

custody of their two

sons in our third spot we have the


fans have continued to try and help

britney maybe

the yellow shirt was a coincidence so

they commented again

this time saying post a picture of any

flower if you are in danger

an hour later she posted a photo of her

hand holding

flowers the caption read god is in the

small stuff

and it all matters i don’t know i feel

off about that one it just seems too

coincidental for her to post

that specific photo an hour after that


it honestly seems like a cry for help

moving on to number two we have the

dubs again it seems like britney has

responded to another

instagram comment asking her if she

needs help a user commented

post doves if you are in trouble okay


the yellow shirt was just coincidental

she may just love wearing yellow tops

and flowers are beautiful a lot of

people post pictures of flowers

but dubs not a lot of people post photos

of dubs

well on july 14th brittany posted a

piece of artwork

that had doves in it subtle

but the doves are there i think she’s

sending us a sign

there’s no way that this happened three

times just by coincidence

and in our number one spot we have 9-1-1

okay this next one really really really

creeped me out

on july 11th britney posted a close-up

photo of her outside under the shade of

some trees

the caption of the photo read the

natural light always reveals

the magic in the eyes ps no photoshop on

this photo

fans thought that britney hid a secret

message in this photo

so they zoomed in on her eyes which

seemed to be the main focus in the photo

like she even mentioned them

in the caption and many claim that the


call 9-1-1 appears written in her


which seems like a crazy thing to do but

if you’re desperate for help then you’ll

come up with elaborate ways to send a

message without getting caught

not only that but fans noticed that

comments about the call 911 in her

eyelashes are being deleted

and they went on to further analyze the

photo and caption

by looking at the emojis she chose to


so she has a camera tree and a cherry


if you take the first letter of each of

those words you get ctc

which they theorize stands for call the


it gets creepier it looks like britney

has the word

okay scratched onto her skin on her


and now if she wasn’t in danger wouldn’t

you think she would have come forward

and dismissed the rumors by now

like she did say she reads the comments

it’s pretty scary let’s just hope that

she’s okay

and that’s all for today’s video let me

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