Why, 20 years later, your Game Boy Camera will experience a second youth

More than two years ago, in the columns of Presse-citron , the small portable console Analogue Pocket was mentioned. A small portable console strongly inspired by Nintendo’s Game Boy Pocket on the look side, with however very “ modern ” functions, and the possibility of playing Game Boy games, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Better yet, via adapters, it can read SEGA Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Lynx cartridges. The good news is that this Analogue Pocket is now available to order.

Mom! Where’s my Game Boy Camera?

So obviously, as has been the case with just about anything that has touched the video game industry for more than a now, do not expect to order and receive your Analogue Pocket in the next few days. Indeed, the small console (whose price has been inflated to 219 , 99 dollars) will not be delivered for several weeks… or even several months. The designers will categorize the buyers into three groups, and it may be that your order placed just now will not be delivered to you … until 2023!

Still, according to the first feedback, this small Analogue Pocket console seems to keep its promises. The other good news about it is that not only will it allow you to replay Kirby’s Dreamland, Super Mario Land, Castlevania Adventure or even that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that you loved so much, but the Pocket Analog is also compatible with Game Boy Camera. Indeed, this very original cartridge launched in 1998 included a sensor of 112 x 100 pixels, to take pictures in 4 levels of gray.

If some have kept the small printer of the era (Game Boy Printer), those who will have the Analogue Pocket will be able to transfer their photos in a very modern way. Indeed, the future update of the console will soon make it possible to transfer the photos taken via the Game Boy Camera to the microSD card integrated into the Analogue Pocket. It will then suffice to connect the memory card to a computer, to transfer the sublime pictures of 0, 001434 megapixel small camera.

And if you’re a bit nostalgic for the “Game Boy” era, then we can’t recommend enough that you take a look at the third episode of our PasTech column , which comes back to the Nintendo portable console launched more than 30 year.

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