Who is Guillaume Pousaz, the richest tech billionaire in Europe

Swiss student, then surfer in California, now entrepreneur in London and resident of Dubai, Guillaume Pousaz had an atypical career that did not prevent him from becoming the richest billionaire in Europe, in the the tech. The company he founded is called Checkout.com, and its name never ceases to attract investors. This beginning of the year, it has just completed a fundraising of one billion dollars, going from a valuation of 15 billions of dollars beginning 2021 to 40 billion a year later.

To be able to stand on the podium, Guillaume Pousaz, 40 years, favored patience. In seven years, for the development of his fintech specializing in digital payment solutions, he has refused any outside help from investors. Opening the floodgates in recent months, he remains the owner of two-thirds of the company. An impressive part and which amazed until the analyzes of Forbes, which estimated the wealth of Guillaume Pousaz at 9 billion dollars. It is now calculated at billion, although the Checkout.com teams refuse any details on the situation of their founder.

“Like MasterCard, Visa or Alipay” From all walks of life involved in the fintech, payment has quickly become the main area of ​​interest for investors and Checkout is not the only player to experience crazy growth supported by large-scale fundraising. In the United States and the Netherlands, two fintechs are talking about them (and their founders) around the world. Stripe, with the Collison brothers, as well as Adyen with his group of entrepreneurs including Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff. All quickly became billionaires.

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In an interview granted to La Tribune, in January 2021, Guillaume Pousaz explained why Checkout caused such a stir among professionals in the fintech landscape. “Our initial choice was to create our own payment infrastructure, which allows our merchant customers to connect directly to payment networks, such as MasterCard, Visa or Alipay, without an intermediary and everywhere. in the world”, he explained.

Checkout’s customer base is honourable. There are Netflix, Farfetch, Sony but also other fintechs such as Klarna and Revolut and cryptography players such as Crypto.com and the gigantic Coinbase. With its new billion dollars in new money, the company expects an increase in efforts in the United States. On site, it already has premises in San Francisco. If 600 of its employees are located in London, it intends to increase its capacities on the New Continent. In all, Checkout.com already claims 600 employees.

As for the future on the side of products, Guillaume Pousaz recalled twelve months ago that he intended with Checkout to become “a bank of the future for online players. We believe that 100% online merchants do not have the same interactions with a bank as a traditional merchant. And Checkout.com clearly aims to become the bank for digital native merchants because we are ideally positioned to offer them other financial services, with very significant economies of scale in terms of the volumes processed”, he added.