Which vice president accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington in the face while quail hunting?

Which vice president accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington in the face while quail hunting? president Dick Cheney

On February 11, 2006, then-United States vice president Dick Cheney accidentally shot Harry Whittington, a then-78-year-old Texas attorney, with a 28-gauge Perazzi shotgun (S/N: 115288) while participating in a quail hunt on a ranch in Riviera, Texas. Both Cheney and Whittington called the incident an accident.

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Here’s what Whittington, now 91 and still practicing law, told the Caller-Times he remembers about what he says “just keeps coming back”:

— The movie trailer shows Cheney firing from the back seat of a vehicle. Is that what happened?

“The quail hunting that we were doing was behind bird dogs. So we were walking and as the dogs found the birds, well then, you walk up on the covey and then they flush and you shoot.

“So there wasn’t any automobile involved in the hunt at all.”

— What do you remember after the shot was fired?

“I remember passing out smelling the gun powder, and then I was out of it a while after that.”

— Have you seen any of the promotion for the movie?

“No. Some of my children have seen the trailer. It (the hunting scene) doesn’t sound too familiar. But if they’re (the movie studio) spending as much money as I’ve heard they’re spending on it, they must think it will sell at the box office.”

— Do you plan to see the movie once it’s released?

“We’ll see it. I’ve heard so much about it, but I wouldn’t expect it to be an Academy Award (winner) as far as the hunt itself went.”

— Do you and the former vice president keep in touch?

“Yeah, occasionally. He was here, I guess it was sometime a few months ago. He and I went to dinner. We’re just acquaintances.”

— Do you still hunt quail?

“I’m not hunting anymore. I’ve aged a little bit since then. That was 12 years ago.”

— Have you made a full recovery?

“I guess so, I’m able to navigate and get around. I still have a lot of ‘quiet pellets,’ but some of them had to be lifted and removed.

“When I go to the doctors, they all want to look at my pellets I still have. Usually everybody in the clinic wants to come look. I get a lot of questions and discussions about it.

“Needless to say, I’m very, very fortunate.”

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