Clay is commonly found underwater mostly on the bottom of rivers and is common in the submerged area of swamps and shallow “lakes” (1 and 2 meters deep) in large quantities. However, clay can now be found on dry land in the middle of sand piles and sometimes, underneath the sand.

Where To Find Clay Minecraft

Clay can generally be found surrounded by sand and near water in groups of varying numbers. It is usually visible on the surface but can sometimes be found under the sand or under water. Clay can be collected using any type of tool, but the shovel is the perfect choice.

Clay is a block with the texture of sand but with a different color, between light blue / gray.

Clay can be found on the surface in groups of different numbers generally surrounded by sand. In versions prior to 1.8, the appearance of clay was not tied to water and sand, and could spawn in the middle of deserts. It was usually in plain sight, although it is sometimes found under sand or water. It was rare, but it was easier to find than other “rare” blocks (like gold), due to the fact that one only has to explore the surface of deserts or beaches to find it. As of Update 1.8, clay is commonly found at the bottom of shallow rivers and lakes. Clay was a lot less common before the Halloween update.

How To Get Clay In Minecraft

It can be extracted with any type of tool, but the Shovels are the optimal option. Destroying clay blocks will produce 4 clay balls each, which can be re-crafted into a clay block or melted into a brick.

By pressing F5 you can enter third person mode. In third person mode, you can adjust the angle of the camera to easily see underwater. This is very useful for finding clay blocks on a boat.

If you are having trouble seeing if it is a block of clay or not, look for the characteristic lines of the stone. Clay is generally a lighter color than stone and appears to be softer. Clay also sounds like dirt and mines much faster than stone (especially with a shovel).

How To Get Clay In Minecraft

When we mine underwater in search of mud and it is deep, it is useful to place signs or reeds, in order to create a space with air, so that it can be mined without having to go to the surface from time to time in search of air. It is not known if Notch will have the time and deal with this as a bug or not.

Curiosities: How To Get Clay In Minecraft

  • In real life, clay can actually be bright red, not just gray, and the clay is often found under the surface.
  • Clay can easily be found in the middle of a body of water. When the sand is on the surface or a low block, there is a chance that the clay is there, too. Use a boat to find these areas.
  • If space is tight in inventory, clay balls that are caught can be reshaped into blocks of clay with the 2×2 inventory crafting panel. Like blocks, clay can take up to 4 times less space, but in order to reverse the clay blocks back into balls of clay to make bricks in the kiln, the clay blocks must be placed and destroyed again.
  • From 1.8, clay is commonly found under water especially in the lower part of rivers and is common in the submerged areas of swamps and superficial “lakes” (between 1 and 2 meters deep ) in great quantities.
  • During beta 1.6, the generated chunks of clay were almost non-existent. To be specific, clay is only generated when the z coordinates are the same, severely limiting the amount of clay on the map. This was corrected from 1.7.
  • As of update 1.8 it appears that clay is produced in large quantities in the swamp biome as there is an abundance of sand and water.