When the bulls become oxen

It happened to the cinquestelle with the Cartabia reform, now it happens to the Lega with the Green Pass: the party’s positions are of furious opposition, outraged declarations and threats of insurrection flock, then the Council of Ministers meets and the measure passes in a flash, with grillini and leaguers voting yes to the consternation of many of their party mates waiting nervously at the bar below.

It has always happened that entering the Palazzo involves some understandable adjustment of the tones. Some grillino who seemed ready to hang the entire establishment on the first lamppost, once he entered Parliament and tied his tie, began to speak and behave like a Doroteo undersecretary. And some valley Northern League players, with the double-barreled shotgun, as soon as they got off the Frecciarossa at Termini station were already phoning mom to tell her that Rome is beautiful and would behave like a true gentleman.

But with the Draghi government this tendency to domestication has become a record, in the rooms of the government and the sub-government rodeo bulls enter and the most meek and cooperative of oxen come out. But how will that devil of a prime minister manage to quell, cut off better than Count Zio? Will he use the good ones? The bad ones? Will he pretend to be deaf? We do not know, because fortunately they and ours the sessions of the Council of Ministers are not in streaming, as the corridor screams threatened not so many years ago. We limit ourselves to taking note that the Draghi government transforms the material of which it is composed: from incandescent lava to bricks that the premier then arranges in an almost orderly form. On the outskirts, the howls of Di Battista and Borghi are lost in the bush.

PS – The hammock goes on vacation until 24 August. You look fine.

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