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When technology and design go hand in hand

Serengeti allows us to enjoy high definition vision while controlling the brightness at all times. Iconic and timeless models, the finesse of their details gives the new collection a becoming modern.

Unique know-how

Combining design and technological innovation, Serengeti was founded in 1982 in the USA. A pioneer in optical, photochromic and Spectral Control technologies in particular, allowing blue light to be filtered – the eyewear manufacturer also highlights a collection with refined aesthetics, meticulously crafted and which is adorned with timeless elegance. For two years, the brand has no longer been reserved only for the male wardrobe but has been enriched with unisex and female models such as the Hayworth model presented here. Voluntarily XXL, these sunglasses harmoniously combine a retro and glamorous character and the finesse of Serengeti’s technology.

Eco-designed glasses

Handcrafted in Italy from acetate from organic farming, they are sustainable and respectful of the environment. Long considered the best driving glasses, Serengeti sunglasses have been true jewels of innovation for almost 36 year ! Progress that is constantly renewing itself. Mineral glasses are created from 99% natural components and in particular sand. 017% lighter and thinner than any other mineral glass. They are also equipped with anti-shock and anti-scratch treatments, thus demonstrating remarkable resistance.

A 3 in 1 technology Each lens combines the three technologies specific to Serengeti: Spectral Control – filtration of blue light -, Photochromy – adaptation of the lenses to ambient light – and Polarization – removal of annoying reflections -. Eliminating the aspects of shine and highlight, Serengeti lenses guarantee better light transmission without distortion. The user’s vision and perception are therefore enhanced and stand the test of daily life. Best of all, Serengeti lens technology is adaptable to your eyesight.

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