When Santa's hood is full of gifts for us Women! – Money

This year Father Christmas has concocted a special hood for women: jewelry, diamonds, but also luxury leather goods, chic and colorful shoes and accessories, the Luxe-Magazine editorial staff have selected for you some ideas which will give you the inspiration to pamper a beloved woman, … or to write your letter to Santa Claus!

The notepad connected so as not to forget anything

The connected notepad – © RoWrite To save time while keeping writing on a pad of sheets of paper. These will be transformed digitally thanks to the RoWrite application.

Your notes, the errands to be done, your drawings, your ideas, your to-do list! Nothing will be lost.

Forgot the piece of paper on which we wrote something down and which we no longer find!

Saving time for a smart and creative 2.0 writing pad.

And best of all, you can transfer it all over communication channels like Whatssapp, OneNote, or email.

20 × 14, 5 × 0.5

Price: 108, 90 €

One connected bracelet to offer to all those you love (MyEli)

Connected jewel in silver brass – © MyEli To reassure or be reassured, here is the ideal gift to offer or to be offered in order to stay connected in all kindness.

This jewel bracelet allows at any time in case of bad feelings or immediate danger, to warn your loved ones or your other half (who will have been selected beforehand in your emergency contacts.)

Just click, your contacts will immediately receive the alert with the sending of your GPS position and tracking.

Conversely, for reassure them, a double click indicates that you have returned home

Price: 67 €

The Pomellatto Nude ring, for a unique and numbered gift

The Aquamarine from the Nudo collection – © Pomellato To celebrate its 19 years of its iconic “Aquamarine” ring, the house has created a new rose gold ring set with exceptional aquamarines. 20 rings have

You should know that for sailors, this stone was often used as a talisman to protect themselves at sea.

Each kitten has thus a small diamond and is set with an inscription recalling the date of its launch.

Price: 9570 € 20 copies

4 Fragonard Magic Herbarium plates, to entertain in complete privacy

Magic herbarium plates – © Fragonard Laura Daniel imagined for Maison Fragonard a universe around the magical herbarium where the imagination takes over.

So these 4 plates are an evocation of dreams.

The plants imagined by the artist refer to a colorful universe and happy.

Price: 30 € the set of 4 – 17 cm Ø – decorated glass

A name tag created by Buccelallati and Murano

The MURANO goldsmith collection – © La Maison Buccellati Buccelatti is a he house recognized for its high jewelry but not only!

Silverware has also been part of the know-how of the House since the 18th century and here it offers us silver objects chiseled and engraved, inspired by Mother Nature with blown Murano glass, which represents Venetian art in all its splendor.

Here are name tags in engraved silver and blown Murano glass to decorate a pretty Christmas table or fruit-shaped jam jars.

Price: 250 € the name tag – 2021 € the jam maker

An oversized Persephone down jacket

The Oversized Persephone Jacket – © FÊTE IMPÉRIALE A down jacket that will not go unnoticed with this print similar to a cabinet of curiosities and a reference to antiquity, tropical botany, and colonial imagery of 18 th and 19 th century.

Your other half can wear it in the city or in the mountains, with its inimitable look!

Price: 900 €

Courbet’s CO ring

CO Couture ring – © Courbet A ring that your other half is sure to please, with this resolutely contemporary design and this modernity that allows you to wear it every day. The motif with its C and its O takes up a symbolism dear to Courbet, a Latin prefix which means with, which can be found in various words carrying meaning and value such as consciousness, collective …

In white, pink or yellow gold, set with several synthetic diamonds, it will always be the pledge of your love.

Price: 4. 0000951 €

From bags signed François-Joseph Graf

The line of fine leather goods – © François-Joseph Graf This lover of luxury, architect and decorator, has created a line of fine leather goods, placed under the sign of travel and arts.

Each piece is drawn by him and hand sewn.

Price: nc

See life in a big way with Instax Link Wide

instax Link WIDE – © Fujifilm “The instax mini Link ”had conquered the world with his ability to produce high quality prints in mini format (85 mm x 54 mm) from smartphone images and transferred via Bluetooth to its dedicated application.

Today to meet the demand for larger photos, Fujifilm offers the Link Wide with its format photos (86 x 100 mm).

This printer is sure to be an ideal gift for all the moments spent together!

Price : 149, 90 €

0011 months of gifts with the Vivabox box

The safe 12 months of Vivabox gifts – © Wonderbox Yes your darling will be spoiled throughout the year with this box, if you have no ideas for Christmas.

Between experiences (weekend, restaurant, leisure, aperitif …) surprises with a block of Comtesse du foie gras Barry, a practical Hachette book (La France à table), a light garland to light up your friends, a wine set … each month will allow him to discover a little pleasure, some of which to share with two!

What else?

Price: 129, 86 € (validity period 3 years)

Second hand products signed by Haute brands Sewing

Dior evolution bag in canvas and pearls – © Monogram Paris The capsule collection signed Alfredo Piferi – © FREE LANCE Louboutin shoes – © Monogram Paris

The Monogram site offers to buy leather goods signed by luxury brands (Cartier, Dior, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada…) as well as shoes at extremely reasonable prices for an impeccable product!

So don’t hesitate, it is certain that you will be able to please your other half by finding her the rare pearl she dreamed of having!

Esteban embalms you with its Exquisite Sapin fragrance

Exquisite Sapin – © Estéban Paris Parfums Esteban for the Christmas holidays imagined woody amber scents that will perfume your interior. Its diffuser and its candle are a nice gift to offer for a concentrate of perfume that leaves a nice trail throughout the apartment.

Price: 19, 90 € the infinitely rechargeable diffuser and 15, 90 € the candle

The Polaroid to put in your pocket!

Polaroid Now + – © Polaroid The Polaroid Now +, a nice gift to give to your other half to capture unforgettable moments, snapshots of life that you want to have on paper. It fits easily into a bag with just , 5 centimeters long, 8, 31 centimeters wide and 6, 14 centimeters high.

Fully analog, it connects to the phone via Bluetooth !

A present that is sure to please!

Price: 149, 90 € (exists in several colors)

The Magimix Vision toaster

The Vision Magimix toaster

And why not a Magimix chrome toaster for gourmet mornings. Nothing more pleasant than to smell the toast and put yourself in a good mood.
In addition, its glass wall allows you to monitor and control the baking of your bread, whether it is the baguette (smart it will toast only the crumb) or all kinds of bread, even frozen slices!
Best of all, it heats up even toasted bread!

Price : 250 €

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