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WhatsApp finally gives you more time to delete your embarrassing messages

According to 01Net’s WhatsApp finally gives you more time to delete your embarrassing messages
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We no longer stop WhatsApp, which is working on many features. The novelty of the day concerns the time offered by the application to delete your messages which will be considerably extended.

Who said WhatsApp was resting on its laurels? Meta’s application may be the leader in many markets, but it continues to evolve by offering new features, some of which are already available from the competition. This time, you’ll be able to delete some embarrassing messages long after you’ve written them.

WhatsApp significantly extends the time to delete your messages

The delete messages feature is not new as it was launched in 2017. Initially very strict on deadlines, it has been relaxed over the course of updates, until now offering now has a message deletion limit of 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds after posting. With this new update, the limit is pushed back to 2 days and 12 hours.

So you will have more time to use the famous feature “delete for everyone”. The latter is particularly useful if you find that your interlocutors have not yet read your message, but that you want to delete it completely to write a new one or not.

This new deletion time will be added to the long list of features under development, such as the ability to hide your online status, or the editing of messages already sent. The extension of the message deletion period also concerns WhatsApp group administrators who will have the possibility to withdraw any messages from users within the group.

” It was time “, some will say insofar as some competing messaging applications like Telegram already offer the deletion of a message up to 48 hours after writing it. WhatsApp would therefore take a little head start by offering its users an additional 12 hours to withdraw their messages.

The feature is already tested by some beta testers with version It will be rolled out later to a growing number of users on the public version of WhatsApp.

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