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When a company is established in the United States, as in our country, the most important issue is the type of company to be established.
On the other hand, other important elements besides the type of company are the location of the company and the tax of the company owners
obligations. Our study, mentioned below, is a standout in the digital tax debate)
physical presence of companies, profit transfer, shareholder positions and division of companies ‘ revenues are preliminary
the information you are given. B) summary information on income tax practices in the country
and then Companies C) by location and D) multinational companies
Taxation E) taxes applied on general sales F) subject to tax deduction
elements and subjects are mentioned.
Companies in the United States,” Sole Proprietorship”, ” partnership
(Partnership)”,” Commercial Companies (C or S Corporations)”,” Limited Partnership ” and
It can operate as a” Limited Liability Company”.
Due to the form of federal government in the United States, corporate formation, tax and incentive mechanisms
it differs between states on a practice basis.
I. C and S Commercial Companies: (C corporations and S Corporations)
One of the main types of companies is a Type C (C Corporation) company. As Type C of this company
the reason it is named is because it is subject to Section “C” of U.S. Federal tax law. S type company
(S Corporation) is subject to Section “S” of this law. Below mentioned advantage and
disadvantages are prepared to cover these two types of companies.
Commercial C and S companies, regardless of large and small business transactions in America
it is the most flexible form of commercial asset in its implementation.
A commercial formation can be considered a commercial company, rights holders and management as a concept
it’s based on your distinction. Despite this, a single person can be both a shareholder, a general manager and a president.
However, normally a company has more than one right and shareholding. Company audit
the board of Directors, which forms its mechanism, is elected by the shareholders at the annual meeting of the company.
The board of directors appoints the president of the company, the president of the company, the general secretary of the company and the financial advisor
Information about the company and the company’s structuring plan, as well as the amount of capital of the company, the type of shares
(Par-value/no par–value) and the company address where the official notification will be made if the company is sued,
it is indicated in a commercial document (Certificate of Incorporation) certified by the relevant authorities. In addition
the company is governed by the corporate bylaws agreement. Internal relations
in its contract, the functions of the board of directors, shareholders and other officers and with each other
their relationship should be stated in detail. In small-volume companies where relations are tight, shareholders,
to prevent a shareholder from coming from outside and managing the company in accordance with their needs
they sign an inter-shareholder written agreement for their creation. This
the contract includes ownership of shares, management of the company, who may be a company manager or officer, and each
one’s duty is to whom, how and under what conditions the shares can be sold, and to each other the shareholders
it covers relations with and with the company. Otherwise, i.e. written agreement between shareholders
in companies that do not exist, Inter-shareholder and company-related relations are companies of the state in which they are located
it is determined by the provisions of the law. In small companies in general, shareholders will come from outside
they may choose to buy the shares of the shareholder who has left the company to avoid the shareholder.
Another point that should be stated is that the important decisions and activities of the company are in writing
(Corporate Resolutions) is a requirement to keep the record.
One of the points that businessmen who will create a company should care about is the company and its own personal
keeping assets (for example, a bank account) separate and the company’s property and property with personal property
do not be confused. Otherwise, state courts will not protect the different legal personality of the company,
they can hold shareholders personally responsible for the company’s debts. Eliminate this risk
removal, however, in writing, regularly and clearly the separation of shareholders and the company’s assets
laid out, it is possible with the official decisions of the company.
The costs of establishing a company vary according to the amount of shares and share values
as such, the company must pay corporate tax (Franchise tax) every year.
Corporate headquarters: the corporate headquarters is not easily changed as in other partnerships.
For each additional state, when the company is asked to be active in states other than the state in which it was founded, it is in that state
for a certain fee, the necessary costs must be registered and paid in accordance with the law of that state.

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