What music makes you run faster?

With Drake in our ears, we run more slowly, with Beyoncé , we run more quick. This is the result of a study carried out by the ready-to-wear brand Pour Moi, which timed twenty runners and recorded their speed according to a playlist of artists, at the rate of one kilometer per artist. It is therefore a purely empirical study, not based on scientific inquiry. The results were compiled by recording the race times of the twenty runners. The speed was measured using a smart fitness device. For each race, Pour Moi analyzed the total distance traveled (km), the total duration, the average pace per km, the average pace difference (between the artists listened to), then calculated the difference in speed per musician. The brand has empirically deduced which artists are whose music tends to slow us down in our run or have minimal impact on our running speed.

Artists Who Slow Us Down

Apparently, Drake’s slow tempo slows down the pace of the race. Listening to Drake can add 20 seconds per mile to your time. Listening to the Canadian for five kilometers could therefore add 1 minute and 45 to your total time, or 10 extra minutes and 42 on the scale of a marathon. The second on the list of musicians to slow down is the k-pop boy band BTS. Listening to a song like “Boy With Luv”, the runners’ pace was 9 seconds lower on average. Next is American rapper Doja Cat, who has worked with famous artists like Nicki Minaj and The Weeknd: he can slow you down for 5 seconds, adding 25 seconds to a 5 km jog and 3.5 minutes to a marathon. He is followed by Nicki Minaj, who adds 2 seconds to the clock, then by pop star Katy Perry who, according to the measurements of Pour Moi, slows you down by one second per kilometer: in a marathon, that would be 42 seconds.

The artists who make us accelerate

On the other hand, Pour Moi has unearthed a certain number of artists who are accelerating our pace. This is the case of Beyoncé, Harry Styles and Britney Spears, in that order on the podium. Beyoncé’s music proved to be the most “accelerator” by far, prompting runners to reduce their average time per kilometer by 33 by 33 seconds and 2 minutes and 45 seconds over five kilometers. The time of a marathon would be reduced by at least 23 minutes. With hits like “A Ring On It” and “Run The World (Girls)”, you have the choice of stimulation. Harry Styles (notably with his hit “Watermelon Sugar”) took second place: 28 seconds per kilometer, minus 2 minutes 25 seconds over five kilometers, or 20 minutes 42 seconds on marathon. Britney Spears (“Baby One More Time”, “Oops … I Did It Again”, “Toxic”) can improve our running speed by 25 seconds per kilometer, which would equal 2 minutes 19 seconds over five kilometers and 19 minutes 36 seconds over the distance of the marathon. In the continuation of the Top 10, we find Adele, who brings you 19 seconds per mile, Taylor Swift (16 sec.), Shawn Mendes (16 sec.), Rihanna (15 sec.), Ed Sheeran (8 sec.), Olivia Rodrigo (7 sec.) and Justin Bieber (5 sec. ). The ranking compiled by Pour Moi continues until 15 with Kanye West and Billie Eilish ( 4 sec.), Lady Gaga (3 sec.), Travis Scott (2 sec.) And Cardi B (1 sec.): In summary, according to this survey, their music does not change much on the run

Via GQ Italy

Translation Perrine Chambon