What is wrong with tiktok

What Is Tik Tok? Harmful?

Photo, video sharing and messaging app Tik Tok, which is among the applications that have marked the latest period, was among the most downloaded applications. It stood out as the sharing platform of short videos with the motto” live in the moment, share your creativity”. More than 150 countries in the world, half a billion people have downloaded the application, our country is also among the most downloaded applications (Appstore is also the most downloaded 9 when this article is written.application) is taking place. So what is this app? Are the allegations that the recently flared Tik Tok violated privacy true?

What is wrong with tiktok

What Does TikTok Do?

Tiktok, which can be used both on the phone and on the computer, can be installed for free. The app also has options such as voice calling and messaging. In addition, Tek Tok also has features such as group messaging, club creation, sticker. There are many features, but the main theme of Tik tok is to create a community by sharing 15-second videos. Tiktok, which offers the ability to add special effects along with easy video-making tools, has features from Instagram, Youtube, Vine and Snapchat. With the closure of Vine, it seems to have added many Vine users with certain features. There are phenomena in TikTok, just like other social media. And these phenomena can act together with TikTok to create various currents.

Tiktok is owned by China-based ByteDance. It debuted in 2016 under the name Douyin when it first started serving in China. By 2017 musical.ly the company grew by acquiring Douyin in 2018 and musical.ly by combining its users, Tiktok gets its forehead. TikTok, which received 3 billion dollars of investment from Softbank Group in 2018, manages to become the most valuable startup in the world with very rapid growth in the next period. For now, TikTok has a market capitalization of more than $ 75 billion… Zhang Yiming, the founder of Bytedance, is only 35 years old and the 35 richest in China with a personal fortune of $ 4 billion. person…

Who Uses TikTok
A very young audience, usually aged between 14 and 17, uses TikTok extensively. The intense use of this age audience, which can be called a child, also brings with it many question marks. I wonder if this sharing platform is addictive in young people? Are young children under the spell of fun videos killing time with empty videos as content? I wonder if it turns into “exhibitionism” because there is not enough editorial control? That’s where the debate begins.

When you examine the videos in the app, you can understand that these types of concerns are not the concerns that are thrown away at all. In TikTok videos, it is possible to find plenty of insults and slang statements from those who endanger the health of themselves or those around them, those who shout and call; those who highlight their sexuality by undressing. In addition, these videos can be accessed by users younger than 13 (normally the app has an age limit of 13, but it is difficult to make a healthy audit because there is no need to submit documents to prove it), so a video with nudity taken by a 14-year-old can be seen by a 60-year-old person.

For this reason, many countries in the world have taken the application under review. Indonesia has banned TikTok because of its videos containing “pornography, inappropriate content and profanity.” India has come under scrutiny, assessing the practice as having the potential to create a “social catastrophe.”



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