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In the 1970s, some common features in the personality structures of individuals with heart disease attracted the attention of scientists when they investigated who was more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and risk factors. Characteristics defined as patterns of behavior prone to heart disease were later named as personality traits of Type A and Type B with the contributions of other scientists.

No individual is alike or alike. If we interpret these terms in the most accurate way, we can be found close to any point in the spectrum where there are personality traits of Type A at one end and Type B at the other end.

Individuals who outweigh Type A personality traits are usually hasty and want to do more than one job at the same time. They are focused on success by overcoming all sorts of challenges. They want power. They like to be seen in society, they like to be recognized, they like to compete. Their time is precious. They don’t like to waste time. They want to do their job best as soon as possible. They are quick-tempered, they see more comfortable, calender, heavy people as a hindrance than themselves.

Individuals with Type B personality traits are people with a relaxed character who are not in a hurry. Even if they work hard, they don’t put themselves under as much pressure as Type A People. They are not easily angry, they are not competitive.

As explained above in the first place, not all people fit these definitions one-on-one. There can also be situations where people will sometimes behave like Type A, sometimes Type B, although how close or distant they are to Type A or B personalities changes their behavioral characteristics.

Type A and B personality traits can be collected in three groups.

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Type a people are more likely to compete than Type B people. Type a people are also prone to fast and hard work without a compelling factor, such as getting a job on time.
Type A people compete with time. Type B people, on the other hand, are prone to procrastination.
Time is very valuable for Type A people and it certainly shouldn’t be wasted.
Type a people can’t stand being blocked, in case of being blocked, they get more angry than Type B people, they can show a hostile attitude.

Psychological research shows that the characteristics of type a people to strive for success, race against time, and give hostile reactions are caused by their desire to over-control.

Types A continue to want it, even if they are told that they cannot have something, and strive to achieve it.

Although Type A People Act as if they are stress-free, stress-free, stress-free, stress tests have shown that their heart rate and blood pressure increase more than Type B people.

The fact that type a people do not accept fatigue and similar problems, despite the fact that their bodies react, is due to fears that they will lose control in the face of difficulties, or that they learn to cope with obstacles that arise on the way to achieving the goal for high success.

Although type a people are more successful, these people can sometimes experience failures due to not thinking about alternative approaches and not seeing practical approaches because they experience time pressure.

Type A People always set themselves high targets, and the main impulse that ignites them is competition. Type a people can fail in simple tasks and easy goals.

The biggest threat to type a’s sense of control is the possibility that someone else might win the competition. Type A People are more confident that they will win the game in games that require competition. And if they lose, the frustrations are great.

Type A students are more likely to earn degrees in their academic career and engage in extracurricular social activities. A lot of research also shows that managers in business usually have Type A personality traits, such people rise faster and earn more economically.

In summary, type a people strive harder and are more successful than Type B people. But although they are more successful, types a work for longer periods of time. They’re never as happy with their work as Type B.

In 1975, Rosenman et al. He found that men of Personality Type A were twice as likely to develop heart disease as men of Type B in a group they followed for 8.5 years.

In another study conducted the same year, it was observed that type a significantly increases the risk of heart disease compared to smoking and cholesterol levels.

It is accepted that the main factor that triggers heart disease in Type A behaviors is feelings of anger and hostility.

Anger control programs are implemented systemically in many countries and try to reduce the risk of heart disease.

High feelings of anger and hostility can increase the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, weaken the immune system, lower the pain threshold, and increase cholesterol levels.

If we do not care about small troubles and unpleasantness, are not prisoners of our anger, forgive and forget hostilities, increase our friendships, learn to enjoy life, stay away from stress and anxiety, always hopeful, see humorous aspects of life, we can both be happier and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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