what is the hottest pepper in the world

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I grow some jolokia peppers and they are almost ready for harvest.

However, I have since seen Naga Viper pepper beat bhut jolokia as the hottest pepper. I also saw Trinidad scorpion pepper beating the Naga Viper.

The store where I buy my bhut jolokia sells “the hottest pepper in the world” called naga jolokia.

Is the Naga jolokia the same as the Naga Viper? Same as bhut jolokia?

I understand that the Naga Viper is an unstable hybrid. Presumably that means it can’t be reliably sold for home gardeners. Is the Trinidad Scorpion variety stable? If not, how do the stable varieties compare with the naga Viper and bhut jolokia?

The world record holder is currently the Carolina Reaper (as of Aug 2013), according to Guinness.

This pepper began its pedigree as a hybrid between Ghost Chili Pepper and Red Habanero.

The LA Times reported that the hottest Reaper was hours in 2.2 million Scoville units . It is higher than some commercial pepper spray products. They refer to a study by Winthrop University (South Carolina, USA) that claimed the average was close to 1.5 m.

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Pepper is known by numerous names in the northeast of India. In some areas it is “poisonous pepper”, in others it is “king of chilis”. Nagaland, just south of Assam, is eaten at almost every meal. As a result, it is often called Naga mircha – “Naga pepper”.

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If you’ve tasted a really hot chilli, you know how powerful the effects can be. The feeling of burning heat on the lips , on the tongue-and if you’re not paying attention, in other sensitive areas, such as the eyes, can be severe and last for a long time.

The chemical that causes this effect is capsaicin, one of many very similar compounds known as capsaicin, all of which contribute to taste and effects. Bitter fruits differ sharply – in other words, how much capsaicinoid is there-and it’s helpful to have a reliable guide to what you put in your mouth.

The first person to try to evaluate this scientifically is 20. was an American pharmacist who worked at Wilbur Scoville at the turn of the century. If the name rings a bell, it is because peppers are now commonly graded on the “Scoville” scale.

In 1912, Scoville had no access to modern analytical equipment, so he did the next best thing – using the human taste bud. His method was, in essence, very simple. He dried the hot peppers, powdered them and turned the overnight powder into an alcohol in alcohol. The resulting alcoholic solution was then diluted in turn with sugary water: 1 ml of solution diluted in 100 ml of water, then 2 ml in 100 ml, and so on. After most dilution, the solutions were then sweetened until” a distinct but weak sharpness can be detected on the tongue.”

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