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1. What do you have to do to move on?

2. What do animals need to live?

3. And since plants are living things, they also need things. What are they?

We don’t know which one you answered, but now all the question marks in your head will disappear. Plants photosynthesize to survive. Just as you have to eat and drink water, they can move on with their lives by photosynthesizing.


What is photosynthesis?

Living things whose leaves are Yesil or have pigments containing chlorophyll produce their own nutrients by taking energy from light (the sun). Chlorophyll, which gives the leaves of plants a green color, uses solar energy. He used this power to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar. Yeah, you didn’t hear wrong, these creatures produce their own food.

Let’s talk about chlorophyll, because one of the main protagonists of photosynthesis is chlorophyll. Each cell in the green leaves of plants had more than 100 small green called chloroplasts. Here, the colored substance contained in these chloroplasts is also called chlorophyll. It was their mission to capture the Rays from the sun. They capture these rays and convert them into energy and turn them into nutrients.

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As plants produce their food, they take carbon dioxide from the air and give it oxygen. I mean, it’s the opposite of us. Isn’t that interesting?

Plants that did not have to look for food, cook, like other creatures on earth, produced and ate food where they stood. Aren’t they smart and powerful creatures?

Benefits Of Photosynthesis

1. Oxygen production is provided for living things.

2. It reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

3. It provides the continuation of green leafy green plants, which are a food for animals.

4. It makes useful use of solar energy.

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Any ideas about photosynthesizing creatures? If the answer is no, you can keep reading.

Plants, of course, are the first things that come to our mind when they are called photosynthesizing creatures. There’s an exception here. Plants without green parts can’t yesilize photosynthesis. Because they couldn’t find chloroplast.

Algae are another species that photosynthesize. “Who are these mysterious creatures?”as if we can hear what you’re saying. Algae are green aquatic creatures whose roots are not found in green. One of the foods that fish love so much is these algae on the surface of the water.

Protistas that lived mostly in water were single-celled creatures. There are also species that do not photosynthesize.

Cyanobacteria are last on our list of photosynthesizing creatures. They are found in oceans and some terrestrial areas.


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