what is filibuster

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A filibuster is a political procedure in which one or more members of parliament or Congress debate a proposed piece of legislation to delay or avoid a decision on the proposal altogether. Sometimes called “talk from Bill to death “or” talk from Bill” ”

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This form of political obstruction reaches as far back as Ancient Roman times and could also be referred to synonymously with political stonewalling. Due to the often extreme length of time required for a successful filibuster, many speakers stray off-topic after exhausting the original subject matter. US Senators have read through laws from different states, and recited past speeches, and recipes.

In 2009, several parties staged a filibuster of the Local Government (Auckland Reorganisation) Bill in opposition to the government setting up a new Auckland Council under urgency and without debate or review by select committee, by proposing thousands of wrecking amendments and voting in Māori as each amendment had to be voted on and votes in Māori translated into English. Amendments included renaming the council to “Auckland Katchafire Council” or “Rodney Hide Memorial Council” and replacing the phrase “powers of a regional council” with “power and muscle”

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