What Is Carnitine?

What Is Carnitine?

L carnitine, which is used to break down fats formed in the body and convert these fats into energy, has become one of the most preferred supplements of recent times. There are several answers, especially for the question of what is Carnitine L, which activates the body.

One of the most popular supplements of recent times is l carnitine. This drink, which allows the acids contained in the oil to act, accelerates the process of burning fat. This drink, which converts burned fat into energy by burning fat, is one of the healthy amino acids for the body. Thus, people who want to lose weight consume l carnitine supplements during their diet and sports.

L What Is Carnitine, What Does It Do?

L carnitine, which allows the burning of fats formed in the body, also helps transport these fats to the mitochondria. These fats, which are transported to the mitochondria, are converted into energy for the body. L carnitine, one of the amino acids that is very useful for the body, is consumed in combination with diet and sports, making the process of weight loss much easier. This food, which provides the energy needed by the body, increases its usefulness with different varieties. Especially people who have regional lubrication problems regularly consume L carnitine and solve these problems in a short time.

L How To Use Carnitine, What Are The Benefits?

L carnitine is one of the supplement foods that increases the body’s endurance. L carnitine, a supplement consumed especially by athletes and people who want to lose weight, increases the body’s resistance. Every day, it is consumed on a full stomach, breaking down the fats that accumulate in the body and accelerating the metabolism.

This supplement, which activates the Energy Center, also has a positive effect on the person. 3-4 g per day is consumed and the energy and amino acids needed by the body are met. L carnitine, which positively affects muscle formation, helps the body to turn into novelties by burning fat.

Is There Any Harm In Weakening With L Carnitine?
Many fake weight loss products on the market and people who fall victim to them have also caused prejudice to weight loss drugs that have a high reliable value. L carnitine, which has the property of breaking down all hesitations in this regard with its content consisting of all herbal products, is ideal for those who want to lose weight and need a quality and useful product. But it is necessary to make sure that the place provided will not sell reliable and fake products. Otherwise, exposure to counterfeit l carnitine products can lead to serious health problems while wanting to weaken.

L Who Is Suitable For Slimming With Carnitine?
In today’s conditions dominated by unhealthy eating, the desire to lose weight is one of the main dreams of many people. While many of them have achieved this dream by various methods and look fit, many people are still looking for ways to cope with their weight. L carnitine supplement, the basis of which is a substance that the body already produces, is a product that those who are looking for a way out to lose weight and look fit can safely use.

Studies so far have shown that the use of L-carnitine will give a positive result in overweight and older individuals. According to a joint analysis of a total of 9 studies, older and overweight people using L-carnitine may lose approximately 1.3 kg more weight.

Supplements containing carnitine are foods that can help to lose weight and increase athletic performance, which can have a metabolism-accelerating effect. The liver and kidneys obtain L-carnitine from two different amino acids, lysine and methionine. L-carnitine is stored in skeletal muscles, brain and heart. In men, carnitine can also be stored in sperm. This compound plays an important role by accompanying the mitochondria, where energy production takes place in the body.

For detailed information about carnitine, you can read our article “all about carnitine”.

Relationship between carnitine and slimming
The main task of L-carnitine in the body is to transport fatty acids to organelles called mitochondria, where cells produce energy. Therefore, L-carnitine is a substance involved in the body’s energy production. This aspect is thought to support the body’s ability to achieve fat burning and weight loss.

Studies so far have shown that the use of L-carnitine will give a positive result in overweight and older individuals. According to a joint analysis of a total of 9 studies, older and overweight people using L-carnitine may lose approximately 1.3 kg more weight . But this should also be supported by an effective diet and exercise program.

On the other hand, there is no accurate information proven by research that the use of L-carnitine accelerates weight loss or fat burning in young and active individuals. More research is needed on this issue.

What Are Carnitine-Containing Foods?
Carnitine is naturally found mostly in red meat. It is found in smaller quantities in fish, poultry and dairy products. In addition, wheat breads and asparagus also contain carnitine

What Are The Side Effects Of Carnitine?
The L-carnitine supplement may cause some potential side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea, depending on the amount of use. People with kidney disease or epilepsy should be particularly careful when using L-carnitine supplements. The reason for this is the possibility that L-carnitine may cause novelization in people with kidney disease and seizures in people with epilepsy .

Conditions For Taking L-Carnitine Supplements
A rare genetic disorder called Primary Carnitine Deficiency may require taking these supplements (3). People with nerve pain due to neuropathy or diabetes, those with cognitive decline problems, or people with L-carnitine deficiency due to certain medical reasons may use supplements. But they should only do so under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, people who want to lose weight can also use carnitine, provided that it does not exceed a certain amount.

The most important thing for a person who wants to lose weight to do in the first place is to be stable, patient and determined. These three things fuel each other, making a person lose weight. The most important reason why people who are overweight do not give up their diets to lose weight is that people give up early. Because a sudden change in the diet that they have been used to for a long time makes them unhappy.

The reason for this is that they want the pounds taken over long periods of time to go away in an instant, and with the new diet, the person is not saturated and is depressed and angry because they are hungry. However, overcoming this psychological state is a very natural process. When this process is overcome, the new diet adapted has ceased to be new and has become the main lifestyle. A person who has achieved a targeted appearance thanks to this real lifestyle will sooner or later realize that happiness is not about eating, but about being at a normal weight. People have this feeling with very different methods of weight loss.

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