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Michigan Base and Elevation Maps

Michigan consists of 2 large peninsulas: Lower (South) and upper (North). It takes its original name from the Lower Peninsula and a large part of the population lives here. Runs a hand down on the Peninsula, Michigan “Michigan’s from where?”they point to a point inside their right hand. For example, someone who lives in Detroit will show a little below the thumb of his right hand. One reason is that there are about 1,000 cities in the state. Although the population is small in the Upper Peninsula, there are important tourist centers and Natural Resources.

Coronavirus in Michigan: Here's where we stand today

Its largest cities are Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. The state capital is Lansing. The province consists of two separate Peninsulas and many small islands, the Northern (Upper) Peninsula above the Straits of Mackinac (en:Straits of Mackinac) and the southern peninsula below (Lower). Woodward Street, where the first car on earth was driven, runs from downtown Detroit to the outer suburbs. Due to this historical event, it is already the city where the most cars are produced all over the world. The headquarters of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, as well as many automobile and subsidiary factories, are located in Detroit. The north of the province is attractive in terms of natural tourism (lakes, forests, campsites, coast), although it is harsh in winter.

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