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Synonyms are words that can often appear in a sentence or alone. The use of these words, which are of great importance in our language of daily speech and writing, What are synonyms? Synonyms have been compiled under the topics in the form of a lecture and a list of examples.

What Are Synonyms?

Words that are different in terms of their spelling and pronunciation, but the same in meaning, are called synonyms. Such words can replace each other. One of the words in the sense is usually of foreign origin.

Synonyms lecture and Sample List

Synonyms do not change or distort the meaning of the sentence when they are replaced by each other in the sentence. Whether words are synonymous or not is obvious from their use in the sentence. A word can also have different synonyms in different sentences.

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Noun synonyms sometimes mean exactly the same thing. A Dalmatian is a coach dog —same dog. A bureau is a chest of drawers. And if you ask for a soda on the east coast of the U.S., you’ll get the same drink that asking for a pop will get you farther west.

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