what is a prenup


A prenuptial agreement is a family law agreement that governs how couples or spouses who are still married will manage their assets during marriage and if the marriage ends, what the rights and obligations of the parties will be regarding the property regime, and how the goods will be liquidated when the marriage ends, and must be formally concluded. Although the term “property regime contract” is used in the law for such contracts, the common name of this contract among the people is “marriage contract”, but both terms have the same meaning.


The goods regime contract is generally notarized. Can be made in two ways. If the parties wish, they go to the notary by having the property regime contract prepared by a lawyer in the form of consent, and the notary confirms that only the signatures belong to the spouses, or the spouses sign the text prepared by the notary in the form of an arrangement. As an exception, the contract on the property regime is also made only by selecting the property regime in writing during the application for marriage.

Here, if the goods regime is selected by selecting the goods regime during the marriage application, the selected goods regime will apply from the date of marriage; the goods regime contract made in a notary will apply starting from the date it was made in a notary. If a contract on the property regime made in a notary is made before the marriage contract, the beginning of the regime will again be the date of marriage.

A marriage contract may also be made with a declaration to the marriage officer during the marriage ceremony.

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