What is a Class A Occupational Safety Specialist?

What Does A Class Occupational Safety Specialist Mean?

A class occupational safety specialist; It is the professional name given to the experts who work in the occupational safety department of the workplaces in the hazard class and who have received a class A certificate. It carries out studies on occupational health and safety.

What Does a Class A Occupational Safety Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Class A occupational safety experts work to create working conditions that will not endanger the health and life of employees. Some of the tasks to be fulfilled in this work process are as follows:

  • Identifying life-threatening elements in a work environment,
  • To remove life-threatening elements safely and in a timely manner,
  • Informing the employees by conducting investigations and researches,
  • To ensure the organization of workplaces with institutions and organizations in accordance with the employer’s knowledge in accordance with his duty,
  • Guiding employees for occupational safety and preparing suitable working environments,
  • Organizing the working environment by making risk assessment,
  • To organize studies to prevent negative situations such as accidents and fires that may occur in the workplace, to offer suggestions on this subject,
  • To provide training and information, to prepare working procedures, in order to ensure the safety of company employees,
  • To cooperate with company units regarding work accidents or diseases.

What are the Conditions to Become a Class A Occupational Safety Specialist?

There are some criteria for applying for occupational safety specialist certificates classified as A, B and C. In line with these criteria, the people who can apply for the Class A occupational safety specialist certificate are as follows:

What Training Is Required To Become A Class A Occupational Safety Specialist?

Those who have undergraduate education in departments within the Faculty of Architecture or Faculty of Engineering of universities can become occupational safety specialists. Those who continue their professional life as an occupational safety specialist can obtain the A class certificate by meeting the necessary conditions and continue their professional life as a class A occupational safety specialist.

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