What does yahoo stand for

The Meaning Behind Yahoo’s Name
This strange and rather long name was written by two Ph. D.’s in Electrical Engineering in 1994. Candidates at Stanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang. The real name of what is known as the Yahoo Search Engine is “David’s and Jerry’s worldwide network guide.“Realizing that they needed a better name, Filo and Yang turned to the dictionary and chose” yahoo ” because it was a word that anyone could say and easily remember.

The long title “Oracle of an authorized hierarchical officer”, in which Filo and Yang perfectly described the search engine, was later decided, and Yahoo explained how the database is organized in directory layers; “officer” refers to office employees who use the database; and “prophecy” means “source of reality and wisdom”.

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How Was Yahoo Created?
The World Wide Web was only five years old in 1994 and still relatively small, but with thousands of websites being created every day, it was becoming harder to navigate. Thus, Filo and Yang inspired them to create their own databases for the web. In his own words, “they were just trying to take all this and organize it to make it useful.”

Jerry and David spent many nights compiling a list of their favorite websites for the Yahoo database. The list was manageable at first, but quickly became too large to navigate with ease. The list was split into categories, which were soon subdivided into sub-categories. The database continued to grow and eventually evolved into the context-based search engine it is today.

Yahoo’s growth and expansion
Yahoo’s audience grew largely by word of mouth. Within a year, the Stanford network was so clogged with Yahoo web search traffic that Jerry and David had to move Yahoo databases to Netscape offices.

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