What does the word facho mean?


What does the word facho mean?

The word facho is the abbreviation of the word fascist, which refers to a person claiming the values of fascism and, by extension, a far-right supporter. The word facho is used a lot as an insult, initially by supporters of the left against those they consider fascists. But although this use is still common today, the word has evolved and taken on new meanings.

Indeed, facho is also used to refer more generally to any person who makes remarks considered extremist. The use of this word is no longer limited to the extreme right, but applies to all extremes (not just political ones, for that matter).

The female form of macho; descriptive of a confident, assertive, sometimes brash urban woman.

Facho is a fairly common insult, especially on the Internet. Its meaning continues to expand since, increasingly, facho is used as a means of ending a debate, usually after a heated exchange of arguments. Someone is called a facho for the sole reason that he has a different opinion and maintains his position.

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The word facho has given rise to the word fachosphere which refers to all people of the extreme right who make comments on the Internet considered fascist, racist, extremist. Fachosphere is therefore derived from the first meaning of the word facho. It is used by critics of the far right and therefore carries a negative connotation.

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